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ITALY TRAVEL GUIDE: How to see Italy in 7 Days! (2019)

When traveling to Italy, there are many iconic cities like Rome, Florence, Verona, and Venice that you’ll want to see, but there are some others that you may not have heard of which are equally incredible. In this Italy Travel Guide video, I’ll show you what you can see in Italy in 7 Days!

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  1. Great video. Question. If I make a reservation here for the Brunecelli Domo in Florence, do I still need to make that huge lines to go in?

  2. in 1732 when they started to build the Trevi fountain, the antique roman soldiers,were gone by 1500 yrs,aahahaa

  3. Great documentation… I just recently make my own vlog about Italy and I hope you don't mind getting me inspiration from you

  4. I’m going to Italy this March, it seems breathtaking👌🏼

  5. My ancestors are from Italy. I have roman blood. My Family came from almost all over. Tell them to be safe. There are lot of kiddnappers and pickpockers.

  6. Losses nodoll be reaction Repubblica tour fierzehn better music of actress side

  7. Why is the age limits ??? Im 44, I want to go……

  8. Your not saying anything any of us cant read on Wiki. Saying "like it's unfathomable" tells me you really know nothing about the history of these places and worse, you don't care. Me Me Me. The Collisium now feels cheap and used. Please stop visiting places I care about.

  9. Great video but Can you make a list of all the things and places

  10. Im here to explore your channel. Hope you'll visit me too

  11. Do you recommend using the train system or renting a car?

  12. Great interactive vlogging dude. I am enjoying your footage, and its kinda cool! Like it so much. Am your new subscriber. Hope you visit the Palawan, Boracay, etc in the Philippines!

  13. ​@ PLEASE PLEASE…. Subscribe to My NEW Youtube Channel l have just finished my first Vlog (One Month Lost in Bangkok Thailand) l cover food, Night life, Shopping And all the best tourist spots of Bangkok…. And too my next Vlog that takes me to Medellin South America Columbia ….l hope you can Join me on my Adventure;-)

  14. good information shared…i would like to know what time of the year was this video taken?

  15. Hi! I’ m from Bologna and i live in Bologna, but i visite all cities of my country in Italy and… i confirm your video!!! You are The best and thank you for your reply ! Good job! Thank you👱🏼‍♀️

  16. Correction: 'How to see Nothern Italy in 7 Days'

  17. its a pity bungy jump is not popular with tourist in Italy but guys go try it, there are several best Europe Bungy jumping spots in Italy.

  18. PERFECT video I have a channel too.It's called stange travelers

  19. Any penny saving accomodation you can suggest in rome??

  20. Dont forget to say hi to the french turtle somewhere in there…

  21. Where did you use as base? Hubby and I are going for 8 days and still deciding where to stay. Would you change anything from this trip? Thanks!

  22. Please can you give me some information. Where from to Italy

  23. L'inglese è la lingua più brutta del mondo shit English language brexit idiots 😜

  24. Feel free to check out some more vids on Italy from our trip there ;).

  25. I’ve browsed over a million travel videos, but you have a very unconventional yet intriguing style. I love it! You don’t bore by making it only cinematic and informative; you keep the content crisp, youth-drawn and cinematic. Keep up the good work. Wow, once again

  26. I'm Italian 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  27. In Sha Allah I will be go Italy and stay capuls of years. Watching most beautiful places, meet some people.

  28. One must do when u go to Rome???

  29. nice video dude.. wanna know what camera do you use ????

  30. Wow i love italy cody❤❤❤❤

  31. I love Italy. The land of beautiful cities in the world. Because I am also a traveler and I like to travel. Visit my travel site

  32. I love Italy. The land of beautiful cities and fruitful ROBBER or PICKPOCKET !!!!!!!!

  33. Italy is great but the guy narrating and his friends are cringy + stupid music

  34. 3:31 the guy clearly has no idea about anything

  35. But most importantly, was your country invaded by migrants??

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