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Jolla-Devices (not travel blog) 3: Oneplus X and the Map os mobile OSes

Here is the third episode of J-D podcast, this time not a travel episode, instead is a home one.

The inspiration for this podcast caught me during the filming of a possible video-comparison between XA2 and Xperia 10: this podcast is a digression on the Oneplus X and on a map of the last decade mobile OSes, with some final consideration about the arrival of new ‘community/privacy devices’ during 2020.

The video is so long, use the time code links if you’re hurry:
0:14 Start of Digression on Oneplus X
4:14 The amazing UI of camera – Manual mode
7:37 The map of mobile OSes (rev.1 sketch)
14:56 Table on new 2020 community/privacy devices
16:07 Pine Phone
16:50 Purism Librem 5
18:37 Librem 5 USA
19:21 One more device: the Volla Gigaset?
20:00 Impact on Sailfish OS ecosystem
21:36 Merry Christmas and closing

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