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[Leathercraft] Making a steampunk mask / PDF pattern / DIY

Hi Everyone! Hope you guys enjoy Making a steampunk style leather mask video. Thank you!

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A4 size : http://bit.ly/39NO9Ol
Letter size : http://bit.ly/2TKRPe7

■ Leather & Thickness ■
WALPIER Art.Buttero
Thickness : 1.5mm (4oz)
Supplier : EzerLeather (Instagram:@ezerleather)

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■ Tools ■
– Leather stitching pony : Dream factory
U.S.A & CANADA – @rmleathersupply
Japan – @globalhighendtools
HongKong – @yuefungbutton
Taiwan – https://odatakao.com/
EU – @leatherhouse.eu

– Pricking iron : KS blade
Worldwide Delivery


– Beveler & French edger : Palosanto factory

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  1. You can use this pattern freely even commercially, as long as credit me. 🤟

    A4 size : http://bit.ly/39NO9Ol

    Letter size : http://bit.ly/2TKRPe7

  2. 스팀펑크스타일 더 올려주세요~

  3. How good of you to even think of a filter. You can even use the disposable ones but your mask will always look good. I like that you think outside the box. Love love your origami bag. Can we see another bag that combines beauty and technique? Perhaps another origami?

  4. Thanks for this gesture of generous attention to the people who are experiencing these sad moments. Hello

  5. bonjours et merci !! une vidéo d'actualité !!! je vois que l'épaisseur du cuir est de 1,5 , mais comment définir de taux de rigidité pour le cuir ?? j'imagine comme pour d'autres de tes créations que pour avoir un résultat similaire la rigidité des cuirs rentre en compte !! trop souple ça n'a pas de tenue et trop rigide ce n'est pas ""beau/agréable"" merci aussi pour la réponse que tu m'as faite au sujet du papier et de la colle !! si peu de personne prennent le temps de répondre que cela fait de toi une belle personne !!!!
    force et respect

  6. Only one real issue with this mask, cleaning, the problem I see with this mask is that you can't just dump it into the washing machine to decontaminate it, it's a nice idea for low level filtering but overall when you think about it you will be breathing into this which means your vapour will be blown into the leather any bacteria will be held in the leather unless it has been water proofed and regularly recoated which means chemicals.

    A face mask either needs to be disposable or washable and this simply isn't.

    I could be wrong but that's the way I see it, but it's a nice project.

  7. 항상 잘보고 있습니다. 귀하고 멋진 패턴 공유 감사합니다. 따라해 보고싶은 작품입니다.

  8. We try to be in the trend)))

  9. Great work as usual 😉
    But I also have to ask, where did you find such a fantastic mannequin?

  10. Make waist bag for a biker.. its must be cool..

  11. 呼吸で湿気が籠るだろうからシャークスキンで作ってみようかな?

  12. 間違いなく、ウイルスは簡単にマスクを通過できますね笑
    マスクとは? と考えさせられました

  13. 하도 마스크 땜에 난리여서 저도 가죽으로 마스크 만들면 어떨까 생각을 했었습니다 ^^
    좀 조심스러운 얘기지만 가죽으로 만들어진 마스크를 보니
    마스크라기 보다 강아지 입마개 같은 느낌이 드네요ㅠㅠ
    좀 차가운 느낌입니다
    무섭게 느껴져요
    제가 볼땐 말이죠 ㅠㅠ

  14. That was a great video. Inviting, captivating. Great job!

  15. Looks awesome, but kinda useless

  16. I was surprised and delighted to see you put an actual filter in this—I had assumed it was just an aesthetic fashion piece! Beautiful work.

  17. Carlos desde Panamá, excelente para los momentos de coronavirus que estamos viviendo

  18. Фигня красивая ,но непрактичная .
    1- ремешки нерегулируемьіе.
    2- ремешки будут сползать на затьілок и маска будет падать.
    3- запах кожи ,он конечно приятен (недолго) но если цел.день то нет.
    4- для ношения маски подобного кроя нужно откормленное хлебало.

  19. Está muy bueno gracias por compartir el pdf

  20. perfect for when you want to fight coronavirus and look fashionable

  21. I have been wanting to make one of these thank you very much!

  22. Very cool.. thanks — I've also brought most of the tools you recommend – Dreamfactory, odatako, KSBlade, Palosanto 🙂

  23. Зачем эта маска?? Она никого не спасет от Коронавируса.

  24. Otima para prevenir o coronaVirus

  25. WoW!!! what a masterpiece!! You have 100% made the coolest mask ever! It really is beautiful! I never thought I would say that , about a mask! but it's true! it's a work of art.

  26. Muy hermosa, y muy delicado trabajo ❤️ . Sin embargo para evitar el contagio por Coronavirus necesitaría un filtro.

  27. Thankyou for the use of your pattern…

  28. это от короновируса???????)))))))

  29. на лифчик похоже)

  30. What’s the music is playing? It’s wonderful melody

  31. Thank you so much for your videos and free pattern

  32. 3:47 Anybody else see the optical illusion?

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