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Let's Get Crafty: Episode #19: DIY Glimmer Mist

This recipe uses only pearlized or metallic acrylic paint. Pearl ex can be added just for a SMACK of shimmer. There are lots of recipes out there. But, this is the cheapest method by far. To make four bottles of your own DIY glimmer mist., all you need is four spritz bottles, acrylic pearlized or metallic paint, and a bit of modge podge. A comparison is made to the Tatterted Angels Huckleberry Mist, and there is absolutely no comparision! You will see whole lotta shimmer with the DIY glimmer mist. Thanks for Watching! Go get glimmer misting!


  1. How exciting can't wait to try… Thank you for sharing…

  2. Hi, wow what a fab video. I did try using metallic shimmer paints with water but it blocked up 5 of my spray bottle nozzles…I tried everything I could,d think of but nothing worked to unblock them so waste of my time and money buying more spray bottles. Think it was the mica in the paints that blocked up my spray bottles…wondered if you have any other ideas of how to spray onto card stock! Thank you. Xx

  3. Olá amo seus vídeos tem como traduzir?

  4. thank you for tip with mod podge

  5. you can use mica powder loose eye shadow they are $1- each at any cheapy store & come in lots of different colours.

  6. good information, you don't have any product rubbing off?

  7. How do you keep the glue from clogging up the sprayer? Great vid btw thanks 🙂

  8. may I ask what you use this for or on?

  9. I don't understand the usage of glue in these DIY sprays. I've never added glue to mine because it's completely unnecessary. They spray and adhere just fine with the binder that is already in the paint.  Even with reinkers, I've never used glue. 

  10. I think your tubes, inside, are too long, too. I'm working on my own, but with all my research, they've mostly said to cut the inside tube. Good luck. This video was made many years ago. I'd be interested in an update.

  11. I can't wait to start making these and try them out!! I had been wanting to buy some but now I wont since I can make my own!! Thank you & God bless & Happy Mother's Day 🙂

  12. Can you use white glue for it

  13. Home made is always better. Thankyou for showing us newbies how.

  14. What is Pearl lex. You never show it.

  15. enjoyed yr video – however, you shd be aware of how often you say "um" and "ah" – very hard to concentrate. Thanks

  16. Good tutorial and great results, will give this a try. TFS

  17. first – GREAT VIDEO!!!! EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND INSTRUCTIONS!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR POSTING IT!! now for my question 🙂 – i've been trying to spray those rose petals that you can buy in a pkg of 250 ct. i've tried different consistencies etc and the mist still doesn't stick. 🙁 yep! i did try adding the mod podge. have you ever used it on these petals? did it work? if yes, what's your secret? sorry, that's 3 questions. please let me know so i can make these flowers already. 🙂

  18. Please tell me what u using first cuz i don`t know good english and i cant hear what u put in .. please answer me

  19. wow great work, iv got to try this. thankyou so much for showing us.
    hugs gina xxxx

  20. Nice work!!! The copper is not "covering" as fully as the others because it is a translucent paint- usually takes several layers in normal paint usage. Still, great effect with it!

  21. wonder how well that will work on walls. I have just did the archature for my bedroom and bathroom with all new furniture and fixtures. and since the base is oil rubbed bronze, cherry wood, tuscany flavor and was thinking of doing gold and the pearl covering them with plastic wrap till it dried. Think it will work without dripping everywhere?????

  22. thanks for the info, I saw how expensive glimmer mists are and now I know how to make my own, you saved me tons of money. Thanks

  23. With this cant you just spray the mist to coloured paper because with coloured paper you can see it better

  24. Hi, I have a question for you. I noticed how pretty the spray with the pearlized acrylic paint came out. The pearlized paints don't come in as many colors as the flat paints do, but there is something called iridescent medium you can buy for not much money (around $2 for a small bottle, I think). What do you think of making the spray with the medium and flat paints?

  25. Hey this is a great idea but if you look online you can find the Tatterted Angels products for lots cheaper and i like the ranger perfect pearls mist … food for thought … thanks for your great idea 🙂

  26. owesome video do you have a website to get some other ideas ?

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