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Life Hacks TESTED by Cozmo Robot Toy (5-Minute Crafts)

Cozmo can’t get enough of the life hacks from 5-Minute Crafts. His life changes forever after trying these GENIUS life hacks!

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Music Credits:
🎵The Green Orbs


  1. Transformers 7: Arrive of Fly (*mosquito) Cozmo

  2. Cosmo do ING this wrong do not do life hack

  3. You are wrong everytime cosmo

  4. First they put Cozmo in rain and now ice cream in not a hater im a big fan

  5. 3:24 Do you guys have a spare Cozmo? I really really want one… 🙁

  6. No Cozmo’s were harmed in the making of this video

  7. Fire only notes ice cream Cosmo not burn it like fire I milk

  8. 4:20 dude robots like you cozmo, dont have fingers

  9. How did cozmo have an voice?

  10. All of those robots must have cost like over 1,000

  11. Que nojo dessa parte que o menino tá comendo

  12. Cosmo is a little brat, but WHY. Also his voice, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY CHILD!
    Life hack number 2 : comso : BURN / me : Robots know stuff, he knows tje icecream aint burnin'

  13. Cozmo sounds like he just inhaled 6 pounds of helium

  14. This Cozmo goes through a lot

  15. did you control cozmo or did he just move by himself

  16. How did Cozmo not die in the water

  17. You should make your bots battle to see witch bot is the strongest

  18. How did you get Cozmo like me

  19. Cozmo plays Minecraft

    Like if you agree!

  20. Why does cozmo want to hack his life more

  21. is cozmo waterproof or electric? 4:25

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