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Life Hacks That Don't Work Anymore Because Everyone Used Them | r/AskReddit Top Posts

Life hacks that have been exploited so much that they don’t work anymore.

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  1. 1:44 ok he’s in a frat his opinion is moot

  2. it all got patched in the new update!

  3. Beating my wife for her to shut up

  4. Here's a tip: If you cheat the system, especially if it's against a 1984esqe monopoly, don't tell anyone how to do it. We can't all share and have nice things without losing them right away, but most can have some nice things if we just shut the fuck up.

  5. i had no idea what airline miles are

  6. That last guy should have used those pre-paid debit cards when signing up to Lyft so he was undetectable.

  7. Thrift shoppers: Fuck goodwill, go to Deseret industry. It's run by the LDS church and most of its hires are very inexperienced workers who have so far had no luck getting a job, and therefore mostly guess on the value of things. I have found stuff in there that I bought for $2-$5 and could easily resell on ebay for about $20.

  8. You can by carpet tiles at Walmart by the box btw

  9. asking restaurants for no salt on your fries

  10. the fuck are airline miles on credit cards ?

  11. Swallowing your own nut doesn’t give you fat muscles anymore because we’ve since evolved to have no protein in our ejaculate juices

  12. Back in my day you could take over a small country with some body armor and a big knife.

  13. I work at a grocery store that does the 'smart' coupons and people really don't understand how they work. They sign up and are all excited to start earning money of their orders with our points system but they don't seem to understand that 1$ = 1 point and you have to have a minimum of 500 points to start getting money off. Every 100 points is $1 off and the points are used up when you use a coupon. Basically people spend $500 at the store to get $5 off and are super excited about getting $5 off. Like yea sure you're spending money anyways so it's not a bad thing but our company earning $500 for you to get $5 is one hell of a ratio.

  14. Why did God have to patch these exploits smh. the npcs are getting too sentient

  15. The McDonald's app was huge during my middle school year. They had some bomb ass coupons and offers but some dude kept going and going that the app had to stop giving these deals at out McDonald's. Everyone was pissed because this dude would go up to 3 times a day or even have large meals covered by these offers for pretty much 50-60 percent off.

  16. I hate when people do coupon fraud. So many places now don't get certain coupons because people will use a coupon for hair dye knowing it'll glitch and double them making other items completely free.

  17. 3:13 yup at Sainsbury’s it has this this and ur licence plate comes up on the screen

  18. Couponing is dead. I haven't seen a decent coupon in years. Most times, at least where I'm at, the total discounts for a brand name product still makes the brand name product more expensive than the store brand, and the store brands are getting pretty good (or the name brands are getting really bad, hard to tell). It's just easier and saves a lot of time just to buy store brands and buy in bulk.

  19. The last one, you know you could file for a "lost card" with your bank and get a new card and probably bypass the Lyft ban. Not sure as I don't use Lyft, or Uber for that matter. Far cheaper for me to own my car and drive it.

  20. The "I want to speak to your supervisor" line is so fun to throw back in their face with a "no".

    "No? What do you mean no?"
    "I mean the only reason you want to speak to my boss is because you didn't like my answer. He's in a meeting, and I'm not letting you waste his time."

    Even better was when I was the boss and told them so…and that my answer didn't change.

  21. One is the entire no salted fresh fries trick.

    Now some McDonalds just have a few spair for when that one person wants to get some "fresh" fries.

  22. bro the computer algorithm thing at jobs always screws me, with those questionnaires they make you do. what are you supposed to say???

  23. I dunno about that thrift shop shop comment because the good wills in my area have tons of great clothing for 5-7 dollars for each piece. lots of speakers,radio players,movies etc all for a very low price. Salvation army is even cheaper hahahah they sold a great corded leaf blower to us for 15 dollars hahah. they were also selling a full sized gas grill that was in great condition for 35 dollars what a fucking steal.

  24. Most of these are just people stealing things and then are mad when they are fixed

  25. Why would items go for cheaper on ebay because they were misspelled? "You didn't send me the actual product you advertised" or what?

  26. Can someone please explain how you get "Airline miles" from getting money from a mint and buying dinner?? I keep hearing this, but I used to think it's something airlines do for frequent fliers??

  27. Why misspelled the word has something to do with the price?

  28. 3:30 For any game that is server based, and not phone based, it won't work. But, if you turn off all internet connections to do this, and it's phone based, it still works. Been doing this on Candy Crush for YEARS.

  29. These people are telling stories that are more like "tricks to scam companies that no longer work"

  30. y anime girl in thumbnail tho.

  31. Good luck trying to use coupons effectively nowadays. We didn't have to pay for deodorant, shampoo, or toothpaste for nearly a year. That Extreme Couponing show whipped everyone into a frenzy and now most grocery stores won't double them or round up to a dollar like they used to. It's barely worth it anymore.

  32. Asking to see the manager still works after youve applied online. Just go in a day or two after and harrass them for an interview till they give in. Lol

  33. The walking in to ask for a job approach still works, it just depends on where you're going. I've worked at a couple fast food places and I got all of those jobs that way, even better that was how roughly half of the people there ended up getting their jobs since while everywhere takes online applications now most of the GMs I worked under almost never actually checked them unless we had a serious labor shortage. Obviously it's not going to work anywhere you would actually want to be working but it sounds like whoever wrote that is still pretty young, so chances are they could actually have gotten a job within their experience range just by going door to door one afternoon.

  34. At the college I went to the parking system was the one where you just stuck the ticket in your window. The lot was pretty far away from the building and the machine was kind of out of the way. Tickets were either an hour for a dollar fifty or all day for four, so people who had like three hours of class in the morning would get the all day one, and when they left just go and stick the ticket on the machine, so people coming in later could grab it instead of paying. The system worked well, and pretty much every driving student did it, it was just an unspoken thing.
    Anyway, some fuckhead decides to write like a "guide for new students", posted it in the main hall, and it mentioned a bunch of the quiet study places and the parking ticket thing. So now theres a parking attendant who checks the machine constantly so everyone has to pay for parking, and the good study spots are jammed. Thanks bucko.

  35. 1) VPNs plus Netflix for each country's library. 2) When searching for free movies, scrolling down to the lumen compaints for a list of copyright infringed links AKA verified by google links 3) sex with my wife

  36. When you could just close and reopen the spotify app and get 6 more skips

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