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"Make It Pop!" DIY Titanium Anodization | How To Knife

Ever wonder how to anodize titanium at home? In this debut video in the How To Knife series we teach you how to give your titanium knife a little color. Check out some titanium knives here: http://bit.ly/2UaE9Iv

Introduction: 0:12

Supplies: 0:22

Anodization Science: 0:42

Cleaning: 1:52

Mixing Solution: 2:13

Anodization Process: 2:41

Common Mistakes: 5:49

Final Notes: 6:13

CRKT Pilar: http://bit.ly/2TK0EoC

Titanium Straw: http://bit.ly/2W3yhDf

Flytanium Accessories: http://bit.ly/2TZ6pgS

Boker Wiha Tool: http://bit.ly/2U0XLyF

Lynch Northwest: http://bit.ly/2xvf5UO

KNAFS Shop Mat: http://bit.ly/3aNBXNr

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  1. question, would this work for aluminum or steel too?

  2. Where can I purchase that knife pad/mat you are working on top of?

  3. It seems like the color wouldn't stay well if u can rub it off with some keepers friend…anyone?

  4. Anybody else still in shock after watching this? So simple

  5. Great vid. Love customization ‘how to’ vids. Pls keep them coming.

  6. Can this be done with glock slide and barrel?

  7. Can you use the same process with aluminum scales and parts?

  8. Does this work for Aluminum??

  9. I’m no chemist but do you need the titanium wire or could it be copper? Also a great conductor.

  10. I loved this video! Not only was it simple to understand and follow along, but it also showed me everything I needed to know about the other aspects of the topic as well! Can't wait to see the next one!

  11. Works by using electron flow direction. Electrons flow from neg. to pos. and boils off the coating or metal ions from the donor metal. This is exact opposite of conventional current flow which is pos. to neg. Also this is how the old vacuum tubes operated. Neg to pos. electron flow from a red hot cathode.

  12. This great! But the $64 dollar question is… Why does the different voltages give different colors?

  13. Why doesn't the straw change color??

  14. The top button does not get buttoned without a tie.

  15. How much baking soda would I need for a bathtub? I want to do my hip.

  16. Has anyones bronze crkt ripple turn gray?/ does anodization wear off due to air?

  17. Zac looks so much like Jamie now

  18. Who is this guy? He looks familiar lol

  19. What a great video. Full of info to get the ol' gears turning.

  20. You guys are amazing you should do more diy projects for knife

  21. Thanks for making this vid! Awesome way to customize!!! 👌👍👏

  22. The lack of the beard makes me uncomfortable

  23. This is awesome!!!! Does it work for aluminum?

  24. I’ve anodized my 51 Morpho so many times… such a fun thing to do at home!

  25. Will this work on a polished titanium pocket clip?

  26. Cool video…
    Blade HQ makes a "How to Anodize titanium" video…
    Instagram becomes a rainbow 🌈 of titanium knife handles, pocket clips, backspacers! 😂

  27. Awesome video BHQ , now Iam going to anodized my Titanium plate in my head.

  28. the beard….its….gone…… 🙁 great video though!

  29. They look they same lmfao

  30. Really helpful – excellent video.

  31. Will this work on aluminum as well?

  32. I’m going to try this on a pocket clip or spacer. Just need to buy a titanium one! Keep up the good work. This was a fun change of pace.

  33. Good stuff! Don;t forget to make sure all lockbars and such are either removed or covered (clear nailpolish works great) cause if you have anything more conductive, it'll bypass the titanium. For higher voltage colors, also try and do both scales at the same time so they match, it never works QUITE the same twice

  34. Just can stop wondering about the lack of facial hair.. cheers from Brazil. 🙃

  35. More videos like this!!!! Can you do this the same way with aluminum?

  36. I use a propane torch to anodize my knives. It works great.

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