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Monopoly – How To Play

In this video we’re going to learn how to play Monopoly! If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the Youtube comments …


  1. I am new to this channel and this was the first video from it I watched. Why is everyone saying this is a joke for Aprils Fools? I found this video to be a perfect Monopoly explanation. Really loved it!

  2. this is the most subtle April joke ever. and it's freaking awesome.

  3. Only Rodney could cause me to watch a legit 18-min how to play video for Monopoly. What a master!

  4. The one contribution I want to leave the world is this: put candy or shots in the middle for anyone who lands on Free Parking.

  5. you answered so many questions! THanx Rodney!!!

  6. Loved the video! But landing on Income Tax… doesn't one have the option to pay 10% of all assets the player owns?

  7. I watch ONE Monopoly video and now YouTube decides I need to see more. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  8. Wow, I guess i never truly learned how to play this game, and… it looks like fun(?) what is this Rodney?! What are you doing to me?!

  9. Wait a sec, this is monopoly!!!!

  10. Sees video, sees date, laughs. Watches video, realizes no one I know plays this game properly… XD

  11. What if you can't pay the 50 dollar fine, after not rolling the third double, when in jail?

  12. Nice one Rodney, you're a class act. And as a side benefit, I will be able to win the argument with my mum that Monopoly rules ARE complicated, it's just that she already knows them.

  13. There are like 20 rules I didn't play by when I played this as a kid according to this video. No lie I kinda want to play Monopoly now haha.

  14. Legit question, my wife thinks that if she lands on a certain color property, she's entitled to be the only owner of the rest of that same color property. I told her two different players can own properties within the same color. Who's right?

  15. Also very good tutorial as always even if you need an April fool's just to not cause anger.
    Even if I own catan, Carcassonne, ticket to ride ecc. I still find monopoly an blast
    P.s. to you mix up your banknotes with monopoly ones?

  16. I’ve never seen a multi language monopoly board. I like it.

  17. Hi Rodney, thanks heaps for this video. If a player rolls doubles to get out of jail, do they get another roll once they've resolved their action? As if they had not been in jail? Thank you

  18. 5:20 my version of the game says after the dice change hands twice. So it would be the person two after not the next.

  19. Was that canadian money? Are you Canadian????

  20. i just got it yesterday and was like


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