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No Rubbing Alcohol? NO PROBLEM! DIY Home-made Hand Sanitizer with rubbing alcohol alternative.

Panic-buying over corona virus has depleted hand sanitizer supplies, and with cold and flu season still upon us, sanitizer and its ingredients are becoming difficult to find. Professor Davis explains why rubbing alcohol is the crucial ingredient in home-made hand sanitizers and what you can substitute in a pinch to make your own if rubbing alcohol is unavailable. Subscribe and hit the notification bell to get updates, including videos on how he reverse-engineered this hand sanitizer recipe in the lab.


  1. Outlawed in California years ago. I make tinctures and have to get my Everclear in Nevada or Oregon.

  2. Listerine mouthwash is 95% alcohol.

  3. Is rubbing alcohol is thinner which we use to remove nail paint

  4. Oh no…I gotta use my Everclear!!!

  5. Take a bar of soap with you and a bottle of water to wash your hands. That's better.

  6. Why not just use anti bacterial spray lots of that

  7. Look, it isn't ideal because of the smell it leaves (see metal soap bar on ebay) but if push comes to shove, everyone has bleach….mix a 1 or 2 to 1 of bleach to water and it will kill anything viral. Not ideal, but effective and could prevent infection.

  8. Im not joking here and i know you’re going to laugh, but i use whisky… … A couple shots of whisky and it cleans out your throat. Plus it has antioxidants… hey look. Just stay clean, exercise, eat healthy, and have some whisky 🥃 everything’s gonna be alright …………

  9. Good video, except in our state, grain alcohol is illegal.

  10. Who doesn't have a bottle or two of everclear around the house?

  11. Great info but I live in communist California no grain alcohol here. Everclear grain alcohol is 190 proof available in free states.

  12. What the hell is wrong with soap and water???

  13. You can’t buy this in the U.K.

  14. For God's sake just use hydrogen peroxide. It's cheap. People don't know that the human body makes it naturally to kill pathogens.

  15. Notified about all new videos

  16. The alcohol I can get in Canada is called spiritus 76 and it states 76%alc./vol. would this work? It’s also a grain type

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