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NORTH KOREA as a Tourist – Pyongyang Day One

It was day one in North Korea and I want to show you what it’s like to travel as a tourist there. Currently, there are only 4000-5000 tourists per year and I wanted to share this unique experience of arriving to Pyongyang with you.

I was on a guided tour to North Korea with a company called Young Pioneer Tours. You can book here – http://bit.ly/2IX3imw
(use code JordDPRK for a free T-Shirt).

This video series is NOT a political commentary. It is only meant to document what it’s like to travel to North Korea (DPRK) in 2019.

I can only show you what I am shown myself.

#NorthKorea #Pyongyang

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  1. I have seen many vlog about north Korea but every vlog r almost same

  2. I’m an American and we are bann3d from going to North Korea

  3. I would never visit that country for as long as I live. That country is too dangerous!

  4. A lot of people saying uninformed things in the comments section. Looks like a beautiful city to me.

  5. I wish i could go to north Korea. But… I think i have to prepare everything perfectly

  6. Kim is a good leader, I don't see any reason to hate North Korea.

  7. visiting north korea is immoral, you are giving money to those things that enslave their own people

  8. I want to travel to China and North Korea when I am older just to see what life is like over there.

  9. What a fantastic vlog! Never knew you could actually film there if you're on a tour! 😮 We're in Japan at the minute & exploring the weird & wonderful of it… doesn't look like it's got anything on this though!

  10. Half of the video has nothing to do with North Korea

  11. Todo el mundo vestido de negro…

  12. Todo el mundo vestido de negro…

  13. Coming from 2020 we're banned now to north korea why man why

  14. it makes me so sad to think that we will never get to meet these people or interact with the people from places we can't visit 🙁

  15. Why visit such an oppressive place with your fancy phones and backpacks? #STUPIDPEOPLE

  16. You are brave to go to North Korea Jord.

  17. Because of your public report I think your trip was worthwhile, however I'd generally be very judgamental on anybody willing to support a dictatorship like that through their tourism only for their own entertainment (i.e. the people who took the train with you)

  18. You seem kinda tense like a reporter in a city that's about to go to war.

  19. 3:38 is it only religious book that is not allowed or any religious symbol?

  20. Just got here after watching Crash Landing On You, and now I can say that the drama is really put on details on every scene in North Korea. They really made it near to "similar" with the real North Korea, even the train is similar! Unless for the fact that your train is going smoothly (fortunately!), rather than having a blackout in train for 10 hours (yea thats why it called drama😂).

  21. If they dont have the prison camp but education centers as they say how come they wont show them I say there lying enough is enough as far I see the worlds has put up with the dprk games since 1945 sanctions have not worked it's time to take a firm stance with this nation end the suffering of hundreds and thousands of innocent people some children now violence is last resort but other methods havnt worked this must end either the regime pulls into line or the world steps in as whole and ends this

  22. Crash Landing On You brought me here. Got curious with life in North Korea

  23. I can feel the terror in the air.Its scary af.

  24. Hon iwhy would anyone go to notth korea when ther's south korea thpse two countries are the total opposit love south korea♥️😍

  25. Otto Warmbier went with the Young Pioneers tour group and got his skull caved in.

  26. You that if democracy happens to arrive there, those statues are going down first 8:19

  27. Watched this vlog after watching Crash Landing on You.

  28. I always find it funny how Western people like to talk about cars being bad for the environment and when they see few of them in North Korea they basically say haha, you have fewer cars than we do.

  29. That’s the tour Otto Warmbier went with…

  30. You might not know but there are bugs in the wall of your hotel that listens to what you are saying.

  31. "Not sure what we can say"
    That's fucked up.

  32. The best thing about north korea is the google maps reviews of their concentration camps

  33. I feel like this country could be good as seen in the city parts of the video as the city looks pretty nice but of course one asshole has to ruin that

  34. This is great quality for a video from 1930

  35. How did you sneak taking videos.

  36. Please, if anyone is interested in NK, make sure that Pyongyang ("PY") is only single city in which the communist party families – ranked in very high levels – are only allowed to live. As the foreigners are strictly controlled at any place outside PY, normal NK people cannot, or hardly, enter PY. In short, do not judge all about NK only based on your memories in PY.

  37. Please travel to south korea too😊

  38. i am scared of that place and i thought noone can go in there

  39. Did u guys notice how clean everything is?? This country is not ruined by radical islam.


  41. I find it eerie that there are no birds. You don't see any pigeons or anything in these videos.

  42. Thats cool i make a trip per youtube tats cool

  43. if NK was a color it would be gray lmao

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