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ODESSA – a great Ukrainian city. The Black Sea. Ukraine Travel Blog

Odessa, a city in the South of Ukraine, is a great destination at any time of the time for frugal travelers craving for adventures by the sea, magnificent architecture, big city atmosphere, delicious food and maritime vibes. Spend a couple of days here and fall in love with the city for the rest of your life!


  1. Great vid dear.
    Riviera beach club is cool.
    That area in FONTAN is quieter.
    Continuing to gold coast.

  2. Podoba mi się to miasto. Jest kolorowe z ciekawymi inwencjami twórczymi…

  3. Very nice video of a very nice city! Well done! I visited Odessa in 2014 and I like it very much!

  4. I phone are cheap in Odessa Ukraine

  5. Forget that fish market, The fish are not even iced down.

  6. Awesome video. Keep making more. I hope everyone on Youtube discovers it.

  7. I'm afraid one's appreciation of the video cannot be disassociated from the beauty of the narrator.

  8. Nice video, now i know where going to live )))

  9. Nice restaurant. Where is it located ?

  10. Thanks for this fantastic video! Congratulations!

  11. What lesser known restaurants do you recommend in Odessa? I travel there every 2-3 months to visit my girlfriend.

  12. The great Ukrainion city and also its people………. i like…

  13. Message me on Instagram @kbanpope

  14. Hey great video, I plan to visit Odessa, maybe next year, is there something else you can recommend?

  15. great video, great city

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