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Open As Usual! Lunch Food Market in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

In Phnom Penh City of Cambodia, you don’t have to worry about having nothing to eat for lunch if you’re hungry and want to try local Cambodian street food, you can just go out there to the market, you will find street food already cooked, and cooking, or grilling and prepare on the table for you to pick the one you like. In this video, I’m showing mostly the foods from 7 Makara market in Phnom Penh city. I like grilled bacon, pork rib from this place.

I’m using Canon G7X Mark II Camera for this video.

I hope that you enjoyed watching this video and find a relaxing place to visit in Cambodia.

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  1. The street food here looks great, stay safe!

  2. in france the markets are closed ; you are lucky !to have a open market

  3. នេះជាទិដ្ឋភាពនៅលើដងផ្លូវនៃរាជធានិ់ភ្នំពេញក្នុងរដូវcovid ដែលបន អាក្បត់សម រង្សុិ់ នឹង បរិវារមួយ ចំនួនថែល បំផុសបំបេាងថារាជធានិ់ភ្នំពេញរង ការ រាតត្បាត យា់ង ដំណំ ពិ់covid ១៩។ កណ្តួយតាម្រាយវា កេាតតែវាចេះតែបើក ជំពូសរងាវទៅកើត។

  4. the food looks sooo good wish i was there eating in he he ty.

  5. Oh man, I loved the bacon in Cambodia!
    The big, thick, strips of bacon were delicious!

  6. awesome video keep it up bro

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