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Our first Indian train experience // WorldWide W4nderers Travel Blog

After finishing with our vipassana meditation course, we wanted to get back to Goa as soon as possible, so we decided to go with train. It was more challenging, because we didn’t have mobile data, but the old fashioned way of asking people which way to go worked perfectly. Find out in the video how we experienced the five day ride from Birganj to Goa!

Miután véget ért a vipassana meditációs tanfolyamunk, minél hamarabb vissza akartunk érni Goára, ezért úgy döntöttük vonattal megyünk. Az utazás tele volt kihívásokkal, mivel nem volt internetünk, de a jó öreg módszer, hogy megkérdezzük az embereket merre kell menni tökéletesen működött. A videóból megtudhatod, hogy éltük meg az 5 napos utat Birganjtól Goáig.

We are a group of 4 friends from Budapest, Hungary. On September 24th, 2019 we left behind our everyday lives to fulfill our dream of travelling. Our backpacking journey is going to be 10 months long and we will explore India, Nepal and Southeast Asia. We want to share the wonders of travelling with likeminded people and hopefully we can inspire others to do as we did.


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  1. the girl is so cute if she had plans for career in india then definately go for bollywood you would make millions easily…

  2. Oh ur from budapest…Hungary…..

  3. This is my first video …. Ur from which country….

  4. Most of railway stations in india has free Wi-Fi, you may use it

  5. Advice: to travel in indian train Better install indian railway app " IRCTC" app for detail information and ticket booking. To see train running information you may install "where is. My train" App from google app store ⛔⛔ in indian railway there is reserve quota of tickets for foreign tourist

  6. Try some websites/apps like
    irctc.co.in (for Trains)
    A very nice startup (https://www.confirmtkt.com/) Useful to find alternative ways to reach your destination.
    I hope your van helps you explore more (Try using Google Offline Maps (Download the maps when connected to a cafe's or restaurants WiFi to save your mobile data)

  7. I would have taken a flight to Goa from Nepal or New Delhi. Two hours only rather than two days.

  8. Crazy people!! If I knew I would have invited you at Lucknow.

  9. Very happy for you that the bus is still there !

  10. I suggest you to spend one month in India, make daily one vlog…..your subscriber will reach to 100k………

  11. Welcome to India 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. Of course you found a guy. Cause 200 is too much! Avoid auto rickshaws if you can, e rickshaws have a base rate of 10/20 rupees.

    That aside, keep on! You guys have the guts to make life what it should be.

  13. In India every railway station have free Wi-Fi which give you 10gb free data after 10 GB there were decrease your data speed and give you to 250 kbps speed for unlimited data
    Why you sleep on the street why does not you go in the waiting hall the waiting hall is absolutely free in every railway station

  14. You guyz are amazing, super cool. Taking all challenges, experience all levels of life. You must deserve much more views and subsribers.

  15. make your thumbnai lmore eye catchy and kinda clickbait for better response like an indian train with you standing in front and a indian flag at the corner of screen see other indian foreigner vlogs for better perspective

  16. Wonderful as always 👍🙏

  17. as always super cool video. thank you .from south africa

  18. Easy to make delicious breakfast scramble eggs with 3 eggs lol

  19. S.N. Goenka Vipassana's first & original & the biggest center is near Mumbai in igatpuri. see if you can visit there. Also mumbai has the global vipassana pagoda. you should visit there. Guru S.N.Goenka used to live in Mumbai & he used to go to global vipassana pagoda very often.

  20. You guys are great, it’s essential to travel by train in India, you haven’t experienced India without trains, me & my wife we’re in our 60’s and backpacked around northern India in 2014, got sick, scammed, lost and had great fun.

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