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OUR ROME ITALY TRAVEL BLOG 2020 // Part 1: Flight & first night in Trastevere

Join us on our trip to Rome Italy in February 2020. In this travel vlog we will show you how we explore Rome in 4 days. Enjoy our Rome Italy Travel Blog 2020

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  1. very beautiful first look at your rome holiday. looking forward to the next parts.

  2. LOVELY! 🤩❤🧡💛💚💙💜🇮🇹

  3. Great video. You guys sure had lots of fun.

  4. Like the new opening sequences (that you started in NYC ☺️) That ceiling was kind of cool!

  5. Weer een leuke video. Ben benieuwd naar de andere delen. Die lift! Geweldig. Echt jaren 1920, 1930 stijl.
    Rome heel romantisch in de avond.

  6. Great video. Looking forward to the other videos. I have only been to Italy once before. It was a school holiday about 9 or 10 years ago now.

  7. What a lovely transition from cold and rain to comfortable temperatures and clear skies! "Roman romance" is a perfect phrase, and I hope your stay was filled with that. ❤ As well, of course, with beautiful sights and sounds and great food. The pasta was delicious, I'm sure. Thank you both for taking us along.

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