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Pakistan Travel Vlog (episode one)

Finally! My first episode from my adventures in Pakistan.

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This trip was really special to me. I first told friends and family I wanted to visit Pakistan at the start of the year and they looked at me like I was crazy. Some even told me I was.

Pakistan has had a difficult past but I wanted to see it for myself and discover what it was really like to travel in Pakistan. Here is the first in a series of episodes from my trip.

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  1. Welcome to Pakistan, you will be safe and sound in Pakistan, inshaAllah.

  2. Thinking good you have good please visit Pakistan every body we respect all religions we welcome all people from Pakistan with lot of love and respect

  3. We have everything in Pakistan all weather and dessert river see everything in Pakistan every body happy in Pakistan very humble and honest very great helpful people in Pakistan lot of love you find and peace and respect and you feel better than your home country please visit Pakistan meet great people

  4. Europe and Israel USA don't like Muslims country he show Bad picture of Pakistan basically he don't like Islamic State and peace in Pakistan we welcome all people we respect all religions please visit Pakistan

  5. I prod to be Muslim and Pakistani beaches Islam is massage of love and peace always we respect all religions we live together with peace we have everything in Pakistan very beautiful Pakistan thanks for showing beautiful Pakistan

  6. Love Pakistan! Watch Hayatu Ustad on youtube.

  7. we are waiting of you with your all friends we are welcome to u and give us a chance for hospitality sister

  8. Anyone traveling to Pakistan at any airport plz make sure always get metro radio cab or Islamabad radio cab and get recipe from there counters ,even getting taxi from individual drivers at airport is safe but still to be safer side and for hassle free experience get metro cab or Islamabad cab etc

  9. Thank you 😊 and welcome to Our Beloved ❤️ Country

  10. Greattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

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