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hii loves! this week’s video is finally another travel vlog 🙂
I had so much fun in Paris & I hope you enjoyy!

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  1. Okay your literally the best youtouber. I love your videos, your character and your look. I dont know you personally, but you just give a so nice and kind impression on everyone. Your pretty chill and beautiful. Im so jealous of you tess 😍❤️ i love you

  2. Babe, you look even more beautiful in yellow bikini! I refer to the video made in Portugal.

  3. This video made me subscribed. 👍

  4. Ahhh someone pls tell me which bead store that was😍

  5. I have been rewatching your videos for the past like year plus and they NEVER get old

  6. Hope this whole world looks beautiful as beautiful Europe is…love from india😍😍

  7. Awwww! This is my DREAM!!! You are so pretty and you wear the cutest clothes EVER! I love your sytle! I can't wait until I'm in Paris~This just became one of my favorite videos!!!

  8. wich tripod are you using, when you travel with G7X, and filming ex. the picnic?

  9. hey, so real quick I wanted to know if you could help me real quick. I'm currently planning a trip for me and all my college friends to france and i wanted to know if you could tell me what metro or train that was you used to get around?

  10. What month where you in Paris?

  11. Oh my God ! 🙊 Veeery nice video😍 i love Paris ❤️

  12. I luv this vid!! What's the name of that trendy area
    you guys where at on your last day?

  13. I’m going in May for 17 days and watching your video made me sooo excited for all of the lovely and beautiful things I shall go see and so while i’m there! Cant wait to study abroad too!!

  14. I'm going to Paris in March and I couldn't be more excited!!
    Also, all your outfits are so cute!! Where do you shop?
    Love your vids!

  15. I love you hair your eyes who else agrees

  16. I'm going to Paris in the new year! Exciting!!!!

  17. Loved this! I've just uploaded a Paris travel vlog and would love it if you could check it out 🤗

  18. Was it expensive because I want to go there, it’s my dream

  19. This video is so perfect ! Omg. I love this

  20. This is probably my favorite video on the internet. It inspired me to make my own when I got to go on my own trip! This is just so beautiful. I love it so much.

  21. ummm childhood best friend goals 😍 LOL

  22. Hello havent been to paris in a while, just wanted to know is it as bad as people say with all the immagration and the supposed filth and trash

  23. This was incredible! Thanks for posting <3

  24. This video was amazing! Gets me so excited for Paris in September! Btw what camera do you use?!?

  25. love…..paris….love…france

  26. Damn he’s hot. I’d travel thousands of miles for him too

  27. Been here with my boyfriend last year.. its really a great adventure 🙂
    Nice video 🙂

  28. I totally loved this vlog! I feel like i was traveling with you!! You are awesome😍😱 I have to subscribe to your channel immediately ✨❤

  29. Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.

    -Benjamin Disraeli

  30. You where so lucky to have awesome weather when you where in Paris because when I was there it was raining 😞😁

  31. I’ve been to all those places you went!

  32. Love this video!! Where did you eat in the first minute of the video? (1:25) Do you remember the name? Looks amazing!

  33. Love this! I'm going to paris and the south of france in a month so I love seeing all this! Is your backpack the mini or the regular and did you feel secure with it on your trip?

  34. Such a cute video! Where did you get the blue and white lace dress from??

  35. this is seriously making me want to travel so much!! and this vid is also getting me super excited for my france/italy trip this summer!!!

  36. Where are those nude sandals from? I love them!

  37. You are VERY beautiful, Tess. 😁😁😁

  38. Moi J'adore le Palais du Luxembourg !

  39. omg love paris i hope i can go someday 😀

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