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People Are Sharing Genius Life Hacks And You Will Be Surprised You Never Thought Of Them

People Are Sharing Genius Life Hacks And You Will Be Surprised You Never Thought Of Them
Humans are constantly thinking up and creating new Genius Solutions To Life’s Everyday Problems that bring us all down as we bumble through life. Some inconveniences, however, just seem impossible to overcome. Enter the glorious subreddit known as /r/lifehacks, where geniuses from all walks of life come together to offer brilliant, simple solutions to those painfully irritating dilemmas that confront us each day and some things that you can use completely differently than intended. Tired of having three separate remotes for your TV, and wish you could combine them all into one? Solved. Need more space on your countertop while cooking? Solved. A cure for your persistent existential dread? Well… We’ll get there one day. Scroll down to see the life hacks that will change the way you do everything from now on. You might even feel like a changed person by the end of this post. Spread the revolution, and share this with the people in your life who need to get woke.


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  1. Genius or Stupid?? U decide 😉

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  2. They got it on 5 mins craft

  3. 0:41 actually you can put three bowls in a microwave by putting chopsticks over the lower bowl

  4. 9:41; sibling comes over and splashes bath water all over your near-water-surface-book-from-the-library

  5. 2:58 nah I used time machine and I got stuck in time and space and there are no calandras cuz the aliens r dumb

  6. what is the first song?

  7. U suck in 2017??
    Me: no..actually..im almost in 2020..

  8. Not gonna lie these life hacks are better then 5-minute-crafts

  9. Why watch this video if you have Troom Troom😂

  10. The Lego cable holder was smart but Lego is the plural form for Lego

  11. 5 minute crafts in a nutsell

  12. 1:14 I don’t do that because it’s fucking heavy

  13. Make sure that shirt has no lint! Or that water will be soft, but not tasty.

  14. 2:07 I thought the handles were cheeto puffs

  15. 2:04 thank you I can stop burning my legs now!

  16. I just eat the watermelon seeds :p

  17. Wait in germany is Viss and in america Vim… wow

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