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Positivity vs Truth (as a YouTuber)

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  1. Someone made a comment maybe a year ago or more that I cannot forget. I do not think it was your channel. They said they were going through a really hard time and the videos made things better for them. I think about that person all the time. This is just a personal reflection and has nothing to do or imply with you or your channel. I hope they are OK, but I will never know.

  2. These videos are your part in this global pandemic. So whatever you put on here, we will watch it. People from many different countries come to your channel to see your videos. That in itself is a good thing. A positive thing.

  3. Just to switch it up the world visits Dan, hello from Scotland.

  4. Birds were singing and chirping behind you as you spoke, case in point, we’re gonna be better after this. It’s ok to be down and scared, so was I, I live in Chicago IL , America is the most infected nation on earth. Yet I still see friends on FB playing board games, cooking/baking new recipes, posting their dishes on FB/Instagram , I see people going for hikes, and enjoying movies at night. Anyway I’ve been following you at least since about January 2017( I guess), and love your warmth, charm and good looks. Quit Watching To Much News, it’s poison! Live! If you need some one to talk to I’m here 💁🏻‍♂️

  5. "We are the reckoning"

    We are the meant to be, the sum of all that we've tried
    A tattered history but one with nothing to hide
    And our reality, stubbornly, will not be denied

    We are the enemies of the empty passing of time
    And all the energy that stays locked up inside
    We are the reckoning, reminding what it means to be alive

    Tell me what you seek out
    We'll fumble in the dark and find it
    And clumsily now
    We'll get to where we get
    And through our broken steps, we'll make it

    We are the broken ones, we'll take the stones that they throw
    And build a monument, so everybody will know
    We cannot be undone, we will become, the lights along the road

    Tell me what you seek out
    We'll fumble in the dark and find it
    And clumsily now
    We'll get to where we get
    And through our broken steps, we'll make it

    We will make it

    We are the reckoning reminding what it means to be alive
    We are the meant to be, the sum of all that we have ever tried
    We are the reckoning reminding what it means to be alive

    Tell me what you seek out
    We'll fumble in the dark and find it
    And clumsily now
    We'll get to where we get
    And through our broken steps, we'll make it
    We will make it
    P. katz

  6. Dan, I want you to know that it's okay to feel the way you're feeling and that this will eventually pass.

    Everyone has been affected by this in some way however, when you put the weight of the world on your shoulders, you will end up breaking them. The only thing you can do is your part to help. Connect with your loved ones, stay inside and if possible, make content when YOU feel like you want to. Don't isolate yourself from social interactions with the ones you love (obviously keeping in my social distancing haha). This is a time of struggle but it's also a time of growth and resilience.

    You're a strong man and just remember that we will make it through this situation. Stay strong 🙂

  7. Every person is his/her own world Dan …… The universe is better with you.

  8. It's good seeing you again; I want the best for us all. Be safe and stay healthy.

  9. Glad to see your post today. We are not made out of stone and that's ok 🙂 It's a tough time right now and everyone is going through it. Your post are valuable but you do you and when you are able then vlog. We understand. Thank you for being you!

  10. Im a socal guy and love Mexican old movies and I recommend a funny old movie Romeo y julieta by the famouse actor of old cantinflas ,im sure you understand Spanish some so watch it dude .and if you can go hiking that helps a lot and its what I do.this will pass and all will be good again.this kind shit happens every 100 years and passes chill out and hang loose dude.peace brother

  11. Always tell the truth. Don’t have any regrets for the truth.

  12. You are so Well come happy too watch your videos love you my friend ça va bien aller

  13. When the world emerges out of this, I think it's not unfair to assume that we should expect changes affecting health security, financial security, and truth security. There is a lot of confusion and instability right now, and whatever changes big or small will certainly affect how we travel and interact with each other. It's going to be more important than ever as humans to be able to sift through the madness and (as ironic as it is) work together so we create a better world that finds ways to brings us together again and not keep us further apart. We can do it humans! Perhaps this is a chance for us to create a cleaner, healthier and friendlier world from here on out. Much love 🙏🏼

  14. Hey Dan, I wonder if we are all facing a change in the order of things. I mean everything will be different, or not. The world is evolving and I don´t like the way it is happening. I see your point, I think. I am kind of in the same mood. As much as I want to stay calm and be positive, it is very difficult. I guess I need to say goodbye to the world I wanted, and welcome to new things. In a way, it is a grieving process and I will have to deal with it Anyway, thanks for sharing your feelings.

  15. We are all one. So, glad to see this video from you… Muchos abrazos. tienes un carazon bellissimo nunca se te olvide….

  16. You want a truthful but positive message? We are fighting a hurricane that has no wind, a forest fire with no flames or a war with no guns and you can’t see the enemy. But hurricanes fizzle out, fires get put out, wars end, and so will this. It will be but a chapter in our life, but it’s only a chapter, not the whole book

  17. You are a special person dude, I liked the video and just keep being honest as always and share what you feel you should. Tks for the update 💙 we care about you.

  18. Thanks again Dan. It's all good. You haven't lost who you are.

  19. Did you happen to catch the video by Mark Critch on The National a couple weeks ago? I found it seriously uplifting and even got a good laugh out of it. It's only 02:44 long and I highly recommend it. I love the tweet he quotes which was posted by his wife: "To avoid contracting coronavirus, don't touch your face. To avoid contracting excessive coronavirus panic, don't touch your facebook." I hope posting this link is ok and that you will enjoy it as much as I did. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_35ZEwr9Cz0 Don't stop posting and don't stop being you.

  20. thank you DAN you inspire me =)

  21. You are so genuine and real! So many times I was down, overstressed at work, freezing and depressed in cold snowy minus 37 Canadian weather with no sunshine. But then I would watch your videos and you would cheer me up from wherever you were. (Nari, included) Naturally, if you are down I would want to cheer you up because I would only want to give back to you what you have given me and so many of us, for so many years, perhaps even without knowing it! Things will be ok my friend! Hang in there.

  22. Hi Dan, one thought came up into my mind while watching your video. You said that someone is suffering more, someone has to deal with worst situation so your problems are nothing to compare with all that bad things ppl need to experience. But the thing is everyone experiences problems in different way and comparing is not a good idea at all.. We never know what story is behind that person. I hope you don't get me wrong. We're all the same but we're all different ;))) another point I'd like to make is that you're brave. You don't lie to yourself sharing with us your feelings so automatically you don't lie to the others. This is how it works. We live in the world where ppl due to false ego don't like to face reality. You're not one of them. That's what make your channel kind of unique ;)))))
    Stay REAL!

  23. That's exactly what I needed to hear. Real people with real struggles. I'm also afraid of the uncertain future. Hugs to you Dan.

  24. Dan, everybody feels vulnerable these days. Don't think that exposing your fears makes you seem "weak".

  25. When you step back and look at it all from a whole, it's kinda worrying. Not the virus or the travel bans but the geopolitical tensions are rising fast. Globalism may be dead after this and start a new rise of nationalism for resources. We are pretty much in a new Cold War atm it seems….

  26. You're a healthy minded , critical thinker. Not everyone is. Keep it up . Stay safe and follow your gut.

  27. Hello Dan You are going to hanging around betwen the Mexico streets soon 😉 dont give up

  28. Animo!!
    Un abrazo desde Mexico.

  29. you're a sweet guy Dan! thanks for the insightful reminders…

  30. Thank goodness you are back Dan. I knew you would be. Please stay with us and ride the storm together. Sting is on its way in Canada and your spirit will return. Use your time wisely. TIP: search DUOLINGO for fantastic totally free language course. I am using to learn French, but. They have Spanish and many others, 15 minutes a day is all it takes. Keep active, I have missed you.

  31. I am glad you are doing better and hanging on there. The virus is a disaster. I look foward to the day we will be able to rebuild and recover. I think it has give all of us a lesson on what is actually important in life. You have become our friend so take good care of yourself Dan.

  32. Sending you 🙏❤ from New Zealand I think you are awesome keep safe ❤❤❤❤

  33. Be safe ! Hopefully the world will come together after all this 😉

  34. I appreciate honesty more than positivity, thats what drew me to your videos in the first place. Hopefully I speak for the group of your followers when I say we love you. Yes we don't know you personally however you passioncompassion come through your videos and I think that's what we love.

  35. Beautifully expressed Dan. Keep up the positivity and together we will come out ahead as a united society. 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇲🇽

  36. I totally understand what you're feeling right now because I also like to travel and meet new people. I was planning on studying abroad this year and now I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do it. I know that other opportunities will come but it's still hard to not have answers and not know for sure what is gonns happen and how it's gonna happen.

  37. You look better, I feel happy for you I am still waiting for your traveling videos when all this is over I love ❤️ you take care

  38. Return videos with Yhaaaaaaaaa.

  39. I remember when you went to Mexico City TO SEE FOR YOURSELF the Guatemala refugees in the sad, tragic plight headed north. You care deeply about things. About people. That video, and your message in general, told me you are special in a very important way.

  40. You're the bravest man I know. Perhaps the smartest. You really need to come back to Querétaro and see Mexico again with me. I'm almost 70, so I'll wear my fast shoes.

  41. Thank you so much for this follow up, and for sharing part of your soul with us. You are a precious human being, Dan.

  42. ♥ Dan and all Dan's viewers. Remember this, no one is ever just one thing. To be human is to be multifaceted. If your feeling weak, scared, uncertain, that doesn't define you. You are also strong and confident somewhere in there. Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, said “change is the only constant in life.”

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