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Pro Tip: DIY Hand Sanitiser

How to make your own hand sanitiser with the isopropyl alcohol you should have in your lab.
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CDC info on chemical disinfectants: https://www.cdc.gov/infectioncontrol/guidelines/disinfection/disinfection-methods/chemical.html
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  1. For those that think this belongs on my 2nd channel, I ran a poll on twitter and 60% said it should be on the main channel.
    And for those clueless enough to comment before watching the video, this is NOT a substitute for washing your hands properly.

  2. Great video Dave, but you should of explained why it must be 60-70% There is a good reason medi prep wipes are 70% and its not to prevent drying of the skin. 100% is basically ineffective.

  3. Get some zinc cloride solder flux, it can sterilize your hands for hours and you can use just a little bit, and it will stop you from touching your eyes because it's a little bit caustic

  4. it cheaper to buy hard alcohol than isopropyl alcohol ha!

  5. BigClive was quicker then you, and better since he added a foaming agent. 😉

  6. 12 minutes for a mix of alcohol, water and a bit of glycerine? We still love ya

  7. Yes, I keep the alcohol right next to the Dutronium®️ in my lab.
    Doesn't everyone?
    I've heard that washing your hands in a steady stream of warm urine and then air drying them works better than anything.
    Stupid humans……

  8. Now show us how to make our own TP?
    Hillbillies can use moonshine as hand sanitizer.

  9. Thanks for the PSA, useful info.

  10. Good luck if you can even find alcohol in this gary vanerchuck inspired hoarding and gouging environment.

  11. u could use also sodium hypoclorite, or bleach 🙂
    15 bucks? u mean 15 dollars? they're selling 1 lt of 99% for 13Euros last year, now is went up to 14-15 on honest seller.

    Instead, would be amazing about a UV.A sterilizer for headphones, whatu think?

  12. If you don't have much time, it's start at 5:26, thank me later

  13. for the people have invested in toilet roll who think the Coronavirus will give you the shits Coronavius actually comes from the Corona discharge from 5G networks, electric pylons and radio magnetic fields to avoid the Coronavius and become immune get yourself to aluminum foil to protect the head and face triple layer or more the best effect and if you com into contact with a infected person extend to full body with 5 + layers

  14. Please use alcometer or do precise measurement to make sure your final concentration of IPA is at least 70%, otherwise this can become a dangerous DIY project.

  15. Looks like you started an online panic buying and profiteering spree Dave. Just spotted some horrible bastard selling IPA for £110 ($220 Aus) per litre and some idiots are buying it and calling him a good ebayer in the feedback. At least some of the feedback is less than comlimentary and one buyer reckons he is watering it down cause the bottles leaked and were still wet after 12 hours. No evaporation = no alcohol. So fair warning then, with IPA now in short supply there are scum out there who will try to sell you what is pretty much water for outlandish prices. Needless to say I won't be buying, lucky I always have a good stock of soap in the house, pandemic or not. I also have a 100 ml sanitiser gel in the kitchen and one in the car. £50 reserve each on ebay perhaps?

  16. Prices are going to be doubled soon on isopropyl alcohol

  17. alcohol, some glycerine… Thanx for the simple recipe.

  18. So I found a WHO recipe for hand sanitizer and they also say to add 3% Hydrogen Peroxide… https://www.who.int/gpsc/5may/Guide_to_Local_Production.pdf

    Per volume:
    99% isopropyl alcohol: 75.2%
    3% H2O2: 4.2%
    Glycerine (Glycerol): 1.5%
    Distilled or boiled water: 19.1%

    Per weight:
    99% isopropyl alcohol: 70.0%

    3% H2O2: 4.9%

    Glycerine (Glycerol): 2.1%

    Distilled or boiled water: 22.8%

  19. Double tumbs up for that Bill Murray movie scene!

  20. Is there any alternative that doesn't smell so terrible? Does 96% ethanol smell as bad?

  21. Keep in mind that you need water to improve effectiveness against proteins. So, optimally 65-75% alcohol, more isn't better.

  22. 70% is key. If you go too high it doesn't work nearly as effectively (the IPA forms a film around the virus at higher concentrations like 96%). (Glad you didn't say "kill" the virus. Viruses aren't living organisms so they can't be killed).

  23. Uhm, did Ms. EEVBlog forget to tell you about the possibility of alcohols building peroxides which can lead to fatal accidents? I'd definitely not recommend keeping a huge amount of IPA or Ethanol around for a long time. And if you do keep it, it needs to be stored in a dark place and preferably in a light blocking container.

  24. 100% IPA isn't better than 70%. It is worst for this, as it dries too fast. So, if you have 99.9% IPA, dilute it before use!

  25. I read a while back anything too far above 70pc is counter productive.

  26. some hydrogen peroxide ( at les than 10 vol )
    is good in the mix , around 10 per cent , completes the effectiveness

  27. Would mixing Aloe Vera work too?

  28. Please stay within what is your expertise. Not very wise to seek for views in this pandemic

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