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Quarantine Q & A and Update! + Our Daily Routine in Self Isolation

Filmed April 11, 2020 – It’s been almost a month since we’ve been back in the states, quarantining and self-isolating, so we thought we’d give you an update and answer some of your most-asked questions! Huge thanks to Adata for sponsoring this video and to all of our Instagram followers for all the questions! 😊 Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy 🙌

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  1. Huge thanks to everyone following us on Instagram, we got so many questions from y’all! If you’re not already following us, we’re at https://instagram.com/theendlessadventure We post fun stories and cool photos, and we plan to do more Q & A’s in the future!

  2. Great video and to see y'all so rested looking. You could always try your hand at cooking videos, that is one thing I love about your videos, is the FOOD. I had just had a Scooby Snack when y'all did the Chilequlis and wanted some bad. Vegas is the place y'all should have set down. Great weather and you can get delivery of all kinds of products.

  3. awesome Texas dudes… greetings from UK… my mom always told me not to wear a hat indoors, did yor mom not tell you the same ?

  4. If you liked What We Do in the Shadows, you'll like Wellington Paranormal. Same set up. Same "world" if you will. Same humour. Lots of character crossover.

  5. I don’t get how youtube earnings work but I hear comments help. Sooo commenting in hopes of helping! Love you guys!

  6. At least you may get a 2.4k COVID federal paycheck as well since registered in TX.

  7. Wait a second. Aren't chilaquiles nacho chips that are totally drenched in sauce to the point that the chips become limp and no longer crispy? Seems like you made gringo nachos.

  8. Loved this video, love learning more about you guys and your personal life! I’ll still be watching regardless if your travelling or not, from Australia.

  9. Shhhhh. Just rest. You don't need to be polluting you tube with your drivel.

  10. I would also watch your daily quarantine vlogs!

  11. Thanks you lovely 2 🙂

  12. There is a faint aroma of "John and Yoko" about this. And lavender.

  13. Allison, I loved your bag too. Could you please spell the name of your bag? I can't see the label in the video very clearly. We enjoy your travels and your meals. Thanks for your work. Stay sheltered.

  14. What place was more hotter amd more humid, Hong Kong or Vietnam?

  15. Looking forward to your “travel videos” be safe!

  16. What a great format, Eric and Allison. You both have good bed hair! 😀The first travel vlog I followed was yours. Eric's filming and editing may have a little madness in the method but it works brilliantly. You are both fun and funny. One of my best subscriptions. Cheers. Take care, lovely people xx

  17. Omg you guys tried a tarantula🤢
    Just please don't try a bat🦇

  18. Would you guys consider going to Bora Bora? Perhaps staying on a remote Island? You know, the tropical thing.

  19. I love Shak Shuka! It's a popular Israeli dish. Maybe I'll be making that tonight for dinner, thanks to you guys🍳👌🏻

  20. You two are so awesome and I love the more personal, long vlog! Your travel vlogs are amazing but this is great too! It is fun to get to know you guys better and see you at “home” as well! Please keep them coming, your videos bring me joy!

  21. That is a REALLY tiny bed! LOL. Especially for being in America. The kitchen looks different. Did you move to a different apartment? You guys are so cute.

  22. Thanks for making these videos. I could spend hours watching them without even realizing.
    Stay safe!

  23. I have the best (imo) ColdBrew recipe ! It's from http://www.zoegas.se It's all translated from Zoégas web page but I havn't changed the measurements but I guess that will be easy for you. 😀 Zoégas says: "The great thing about Cold Brew is that there is nothing right or wrong. All curious coffee lovers can express and labor with their own dosage. If you grind your beans yourself, you can also labor with the grinding rate and also the brewing time. "

    Brew Cold Brew – step by step.
    1. Measure out 100 grams of coarse ground coffee and pour it into a sealed container.
    2. Pour in 1 liter of cold water and stir.
    3. Cover with lid and set in the fridge. Allow to be extracted / brewed for 20-24 hours.
    4. Filter the coffee through a filter, down into the container to serve the coffee out.
    5. Dilute the concentrate with equal parts water. (I do not really dilute with so much water but I use a rather large amount of milk. ;-). Then serve as it is over is or with milk.
    6. Serve & Enjoy!

  24. I love What They Do In The Shadows! If you like that you might like Toast which I think is on Netflix

  25. Huge thanks to y'all for posting such an uplifting video. We are all going through stuff, but the new normal is exactly what you have put forth. One day at a time, and try to make each one better. Thanks

  26. Love you guys, always so much fun. I have so many of your adventures to catch up on. So far behind, I got busy expanding my life's experiences. Now I'm sitting, perfect time to catch up.. Stay safe

  27. Love that you are quarentined so close to me…I'm in Effingham and use your travels as inspiration for my own

  28. When you are eating, you should make those fast forward things. Would look way cooler than skipping the eating part

  29. Best video ever! For me at least. It is like I’m sitting on the beautiful lawn with you guys, just chatting.
    Side note: Eric’s comments on why he doesn’t want someone else to edit his videos was spot on. This
    is because, for a film maker, editing is an intensely and personal decision. No wonder that film editors
    receive Oscars and such for their labors. They literally can make or break a film.

  30. New to your channel so it was great to get to know you both a little bit in this video. I, too, met my husband when we were both 16 (he was a cutie nerd too like Eric), married at 21 and still together 42 yrs later. Looking forward to your Amman video. That’s where we were on Mar 16 when the king closed down the country, our tour was cancelled and we had to leave. Can’t wait to go back. Also looking forward to watching more of your adventures, wherever they take you.

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