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Quick And Easy Fixes For Busy Girls || DIY Last Minute Life Hacks For Smart Girls

In a hurry? Need to fix something fast? What if we could tell you about some more hacks?

Life is a little complex, but when life throws problems at us, we throw hacks!
Check out these helpful hacks that are quick and easy fixes while you’re on the go!

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  1. A perfect way to waist a perfect “toothbrush”

  2. So Kevin and Lona r dating the whole time

  3. Do we all wear highlighter

  4. This is the dum hack I’ve ever seen I hate you guys

  5. 5:53 when you don’t wanna try it but you also don’t want to make your friend sad just because you’re not interested in putting lipstick on you eye

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  7. When they say pop these suckers on are we supposed to put lollipops on our selfs

  8. Jfubjhubygif

    Just. She hv hbu njddgyfggcgt

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  10. Its my birthday in 5 days

  11. i love you guys my name is roys

  12. the Coronavirus😬😬😬😬

  13. Dftffgghhhhjjkl
    Asdfghjkkladbmbdfgjh Dfgbbnnbbbb. Vgyjjgfghjikvfn. Buff like

  14. Shaking your arms doesn’t mean mad

  15. Bibo ka ba ang lake nang matamo mo

  16. Car Zac. = fvx&df*f&* fgfvvf fggfgtgttbrrgbrtghrtgergbfgbggbgbg. Gbgrdbfgbgbgtg. Nghnhhyyhn hhgyhyhhyhnfghhng hghhnhn nhhgn

  17. When are you going to show out your real voices???

  18. But why does toothbrush bee dirty

  19. This is how many times they said brand spanking new

  20. If your birthday is on January April May June December March September August October like

  21. Who brings a stapler to a dance?

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