How to make a QUICK and EASY DIY SANITIAZER for $3. This is such an EASY DIY Hand Sanitizer and EVERYTHING you need to make it is very accessible! I know that getting your hands on Hand Sanitizer these days is a bit hard, I know I haven’t been able to find it ANYWHERE because it is sold out EVERYWHERE so I decided I could make my own and I would EASILY be able to get my hands on what I needed to do my own BUDGET Friendly DIY HAND SANITIZER here at home! So come see just how EASY it is to make your own Hand Sanitizer at home so you to can have just a bit more protection from some of the germs that are going around!!! This is an EASY DIY!!!

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  1. Great recipe. The amount to use is a nickel or more!!!!… till hands are thoroughly wet. Rub tops and bottom including fingernails as suggested by doctors now.

  2. I thought I came up with this genius idea! lol. I see other people are thinking the same way. Good for us. I am curious if the alcohol dries out fast in your mini containers. Please let me know. Thanks.

  3. Stinkin cute voice. You sound like Sarah Palin! 😁

  4. Hi we made our own as well like you did

  5. I concur with Antique Geek, the best percentage of alcohol is 70percent as anything higher takes longer to totally take over germ cells .But then when you mix or make a compound you end up with a diluted alcohol.I think it would work ,just not as effective as total 70 percent by volume .Would need more friction and possibly more of the product.Lets all remember that :Theres no substitute for SOAP and WATER.

  6. Do the sanitizer separate after sitting?

  7. Thank you for posting this, very informational! Bless you and your precious Kayla <3

  8. Why make $3 hand sanitizer when you can buy it for $1

  9. if you are at the Dollar store to buy ingredients, just buy the large hand sanitizer for ……….wait for it…………..A DOLLAR!

  10. V. Definitely going to try….thanks!

  11. I just found your channel it was in my recommended I just subscribed

  12. New here! Thanks for sharing!😉

  13. Thank you for sharing this great informational tutorial

  14. Let's ALL Remember The GERMS on Money Too !!

  15. Some of the comments blow me away
    Notice how everyone knows more than you do, better than you , smarter than you , however none of them have a video trying to help others like you are doing, they just on here running away at the mouth

  16. Thank you so much ‘ For sharing ❤️

  17. Just a suggestion, add a little tea tree oil, it helps so it doesn’t get bacteria in it!

  18. I love the way you explain where to find products. It enhances the tutorial very much.
    Be germaphobic, it’s time.

  19. I suggest giving your daughter “Elderberry “ juice, gummies or syrup; also, perhaps OSHA Root and or products that contain both along with Elecampe and Mullein. You can find them at your local health food store . They are good for killing all types of viruses and cleansing the lungs and boosting the immune system. Also, iodine, colloidal silver and spirulina.

  20. People have already raised the prices of this in the U.K. your talking about £30 for 1 litres.

  21. Lord never have I been so glad to have had isopropyl alcohol already at home, there's also a rubbing alcohol storage now

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