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Recreating Ghajini (Bollywood) in Africa! Sossusvlei & Deadvlei | Ghost Town Namibia | Finale Vlog

This is the finale vlog from the NAMIBIA SERIES where I drove around for almost 2000 KM through the entire country! In this particular vlog, I visited Namib Naukluft Park where you have to pay an entry permit of around N$ 70
Inside Namib Naukluft Park I visited Dune 45 and Deadvlei. In both places, I did a little hike which is honestly tougher than it looks. My favourite part of the video though is the fact that I got to recreate a little bit of Bollywood in Dealvlei where the song Guzarish was originally shot.

The music for the cover song in this video is provided by Akash Maheshwari
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P.S. those were actual foxes while I was doing a barbecue in the wild XD
P.P.S. The ghost town is called Kolmanskolp 🙂 It has a really interesting history, do read up about it.

Travel courtesy: www.wildplanets.com
Instagram: @explore_wild_planets
You can reach out to them for a similar tour!

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  1. Hello! Kaise hai sab? I hope you are taking care of public health and your safety and not travelling too much these days? Me toh ghar pe hu. But the good news is, LOTS of videos coming up so we can virtually travel together. In the meantime, hope you enjoy this one! 🙂

  2. A very beautiful Travel Vlog in such an amazing Location on Earth….enjoyed every bit of Adventure and Storytelling…
    This is what life is all about….travelling and exploring it..!!
    Keep up your good work… 👍😍

  3. Wow Tanya!!! Happy to see you after a long time

  4. Who is holding the camera?🧐

  5. I guess corona doesn't like desert 🤔

  6. Imagine someone need to go to toilet in the middle of it, 🙄

  7. You are Soo pretty 😍❤️💗

  8. What about #corona virus

    India me jin logo ko hua he ssab bahar se travelling kaar k ayye the …apna v check karoo

  9. Someone is capturing…and how could you say that you shot video alone wtf

  10. Very nice video, i wish to visit this place on day. One question you used a Bollywood song in this video, is this allowed to use ? or how can i use this song in my video. thanks

  11. Tanya who is shooting your video while cooking

  12. recreation of gujarish….love this section of Vlog taniya

  13. She sounds exactly like tabbu ……… 😮😯😮😯😲

  14. 12:53 Damn for a moment I thought it was a snake

  15. Pointed : her uchi jage pe traffic jam hota hi hai

  16. This is my first video, i am watching and love it.
    Btw.. I love tad tad ki awaz and desi vives in your video.
    I am really looking for nexr videos.
    All the best

  17. only one thind i would say…that you have mastered the storytelling and vlogging….number of subscribers is just a number

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  20. Wow 😍😍😍😍nice place madam 😍😍

  21. Dear tanya i love all your videos.. im not a youtuber or vloger but i love travelling n exploring new places lets travel together in the days to come…

  22. Sabse important baat Tanya ke vlog mein there is a vibe of honesty n a natural feel it does not feel ke ye koi banavati set up hai it feels very Real.

  23. Tanya Khanijow is creating top notch content . world class . content driven sensible and candid n meaningful n yes laced with fun n frolic . hmmm how about tanya collabing with travelling desi Mohit for a series . Tanya is a bright youngster. Acha lagta hai jab hamare mulk ke youngsters is level ka kaam present karte hain .i wish Tanya a blockbuster 2020

  24. That guzarish song bgm suits u well.. 🙃

  25. HOW MANY OF YOU SAW this movie 2 times?

  26. Tanya ma'am always love ur Voice ￵ 😍😍😍😘😘

  27. I watched your video many times and many times i realized how brave u are. You are my inspiration. mujhe bhi ek din aise hi travel karna hai.

    P.S: I've always been inquisitive as to where this song was shot but lazy enough not to find it's whereabouts – the hunt ends after 12 years, aye?!🌟💃 Thank you!!👍😘 You look stunning BTW!!🌞🤟

  29. Really mam i lives Ur video

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