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RZR Pro XP 72" with HCR long travel JUMPS! Ripping the HECK out of it!

This thing is unstoppable!
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  1. It would look cooler in my garage 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. I like how you guys bought a building but you still use the same cheesy helmets. 🙂

  3. Great video as always. Sous is savage and Doug is awesome ! Would like to see the RS 1. Am looking at getting one.Do you think a 78 yr old can cut it with a RS 1 ?

  4. Cool vid man! Front wheels have a ton of wobble in slow mo. Definitely need to resolve before going to far!

  5. Not that I was a fan, but what happened to the xx?

  6. Personally I think it would look much better with some monster wheels and tires especially with the wider stance but that is just my opinion

  7. How are you getting past Governor Halfwhitmer? SXSblog IS essential! Heck yeah, dude.

  8. Lol why dont you just use your own hel….. oh yeah it's on the road in a million peices

  9. Doug should not be saying "it feels like you cant roll it" because we all know the "Challenge excepted" light goes off in Nicks head. LOL

  10. Thank your fellow statesmen up there in Mich for making the Covid situation worse

  11. That engine don't would to good but its a polaris

  12. So that's where buffalo wings come from flying buffalos. TIL.

  13. It's Nicholas Butterfield. "HeY gUyS LeTs gO wOrK oN sTuFf" 😂😂

  14. looks like it had a ton of bump steer

  15. "Just hauling balls!" Lol, you guys crack me up.

  16. you guys are living proof of making your hobby your job!! Keep up the great work!

  17. Man you should 100% do more slow mo's ! It looked insane how much work the suspension goes through 👊

  18. Badass video! I'm not a fan of 4seaters but hey this is still bad to the bone!!

  19. Did you guys see that "The Off-Road Channel" on Youtube copied you guys?! They are putting Lonestar Long Travel on the same machine! I'd rather watch SXSBLOG sweep the shop floor than watch the other followers copy your content, since SXSBLOG IS THE BEST SXS CHANNEL EVER!

  20. Still would have done the two seater!!! How long until a Pro 72 is on a showroom floor?

  21. Still think it should be called "The Buffalo Wing"


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