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Samal Island, Davao Del Norte (Part 1) – #BecomingFilipino Your Travel Blog

This is “Part 1” of our #BecomingFilipino: Your Travel Blog Davao Del Norte Episode…

Davao Del Norte is full of not just natural beauty but vibrant culture! In this Episode you will get to join me for some extremely unique and fun “Sport/Game” action on the island of Samal. From “Basketball sa lumad” to simply soaking in the natural beauty of the Samal Island.

Pure Davao Del Norte Beauty!

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Super Apir!


  1. Can I use this video for educational use only ?

  2. You kulas is best vlogger ever came in the Philippines, you challenge your own comfort zone visiting the most remote areas rhat most filipinos will think twice before doing what you did. You promote the country even you’re just a guest in the country thank you so much from all the Filipinos. Ww appreciate your hardwork and the effort you have given to the country.

  3. Naabot na jud ka sa among lugar kulas ahahaha

  4. did you see the dragon boat in samal island

  5. Kulas.. wow! now u really visited our AREa. the samal island.. that's Baranggay Tambo and Camudmud 5min ride from wharf camp holiday.. I bought a lot there kulas. nasa Mambago A

  6. Kulas ikaw na jud ang iba yung vlog puro papogi pero ikaw puno ng aral at pakikisama kaya i want to be with you

  7. Yess kulas happiness pa more…..mao na dha kulas!!!

  8. Hi.. Sir kulas.. I'm new subscriber to your channel.. From kapalong Davao del Norte.. Live in Qatar

  9. O my Kulas ur so inspiring man…like all ur video .watching frm Hongkong. apir!

  10. I couldn't find any sign of a city in this island. It's just like a small town with lots of pedicabs or motorized tricycles on the streets. Small towns in Cebu look more like small cities than this island called a city. Why is it called Island Garden City of Samal?

  11. Love davao lots of fresh fruits esp. Durian and peaceful city

  12. Wish to live davao very develop oldest big city davao

  13. Love u kyle proud of u you love filipino culture

  14. what a wonderful world. your so lucky youve been experiencing this such a paradise in my country (Philippines).
    how I wish to visit this island. God bless. ☺

  15. wow na wow talaga kulas salamt apir

  16. now i find the video of you going to davao..

  17. hayyy kulas bakit ngaun ko lng nkita mga videos mo!!! ur so inspiring!! thank you so much for showing our different culture!


  19. Super apir kulas, addict na sa vlogs mo,

  20. hahahahaha mao Na diha makatawako aning Kulas.

  21. Thanks Kyle for making me smile and sharing the wonders of my country.I'm from this place Davao(Samal Island). I miss Philippines so much because I'm in the other side of the world but through you , you bring me home.I'm so glad to see all your videos- looking at you with full of energy & got so fascinated to our country. You're amazingly awesome!!!!!!!!

  22. Ito ung sinasabi ni bastos na jim paredes taga bundok..wlang respeto sa kapwa pilipino..ohhh jim paredes is not a pilipino

  23. Wowww! I'm a SAMA TRIBE in samal island too👍❤️🇵🇭 so happy to watch this😘 I miss the beauty of IGACOS 🌴

  24. kulas try to find community who are playing patentero👍it's more fun👊

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