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Seville Travel Guide | Andalusia | Spain | Aliki Life Travel Blog

I am so happy to be back in Europe and share my travels around here with you! My first one about Spain is about an incredibly beautiful city, Seville. Seville is the capital of Andalusia and for a reason! Plaza de Espana, Cathedral de Sevilla and La Giralda are just a few of amazing points of interest in Seville 🙂

This wasn’t my first time in Sevilla so a summary of my top places throughout time find on my blog https://www.alikilife.com/post/seville-andalusia-spain

More pictures from this and other trips find on my Instagram @aliki_life !

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  1. Great stuff! Some gorgeous shots of Plaza de Espana too…

  2. Love it!!! I'd have put some flamenco song but still nice. Defenetly I gotta visit Seville

  3. i want to visit seville but i want to discover it with you. with you i want to discover the whole planet

  4. Very well explained! Definitely want to check out Sevilla!

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