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Back at the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, Siargao! Spent 10 days on the island exploring different spots so here’s the ultimate Siargao travel guide for you guys! I hope you make time to volunteer with sea movement when you visit the island and help at the beach clean up happening every Saturdays 🙂 PLEASE BE A RESPONSIBLE TRAVELER AND HELP PROTECT THE CLEANLINESS OF EVERY PLACE THAT YOU VISIT.

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Siargao travel vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KT_dHOBjOy8&lc=z22cyh3hnurhwx3nvacdp4353chwj0mmwmnigibbiuhw03c010c


  1. BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH A NEW TRAVEL VLOG!!!!! Comment below your fave part of the vlog!

  2. Wow wonderful place and nice sceneries. Great work.

  3. New subscriber here.. Love your blogs ❤️

  4. AVE!!! You're a great travel blogger. You inspired us to start and create our own channel. Thank you. We're looking forward to visit this place for our travel vlog too😍

  5. Isn't it dangerous to go there alone? Haha! I would like to know more about Siargao because I will go there few months more to go by myself.😍

  6. Hi mahilig din ako mag travel vlog. nag subscribe ako, sana pa subscribe din para makita nyo yung mga travel vlog ko 🙂 thankyou

  7. Pasapak naman guys. Babalik ko promise

  8. Ang ganda talaga sa siargao!kahit pabalik balik ka 😊.

  9. 13:12 Just saw Andi Eigenmann’s man 👀

  10. https://youtu.be/IaIrJqmGVwc hello Paul support din Po Sana Ng aking vlogs hehe thank you so much! Pooo

  11. whos watching here 2020'

  12. Hi Ave! Where did u stay in General Luna? Thanks! 🤗

  13. 2018 Ave: I need an instagram boyfriend.

    2019: wish granted

  14. Siargao is where Martin proposed to you and you got engaged

  15. Siargao is where Martin proposed to you

  16. Siargao should adopt the strict Boracay regulations

  17. Where are your gloves, Abe? Everyone should have gloves

  18. Ave, they are Manoy, not Kuya

  19. What's the title of your intro

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  21. San mo kinukuha yung music vlog ate 😭💟 non copyright ba sila ? Parang hindi😅 I have no idea my gas

  22. Ugghhhh I really love how you vlog ate huhhuhuhuhuhu

  23. Ive been there last year too.. Amazing place.. But i dont have any videos.. Now starting travel vlogs too..

  24. Drømme øy😃 Do You know how much for å plane ticket there? 🤗

  25. Catching up on your videos. I'm a year behind. Boy you love those foreign boys!!!!!

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  27. Nice❤..gonna have some blogs there someday😉

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