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Slime School Pranks! Adding too Much WEIRD Ingredients into DIY slime!

Slime school prank wars with Sara, Katie and Teacher! Girls are adding too much weird ingredients into DIY slime – adding too much of everything into slime. The slime competition is judged by the teacher. This is a proper slime school! The slime video also includes DIY slime tutorials for beginners and shows how to make easy DIY slime (DIY clear slime, DIY metallic slime, DIY glitter slime included) plus satisfying slime ASMR. Comment if you want to also learn and see tutorials on DIY fluffy slime, butter slime, testing viral Instagram slime recipes, slime without glue, slime without borax, etc! This funny comedy slime video shows a slime school and slime prank wars for girls, boys and entire family!

Sara and Katie go back to school! But this is a summer slime school! They decide to add too much ingredients into slime and teacher determines the winner of each competition. This slime comedy shows how to make slime and includes satisfying slime mixing compilation plus adding weird ingredients into slime and slime ASMR. Sara, Katie and the teacher make sure that our slime school is funny with lots of comedy skits, pranks, prank wars and tricks!

We are adding too much weird ingredients into DIY slime and adding too much of everything weird into slime. For example: Glitter, pigment, silver foil leafs, fake snow, cotton balls, sequin, glitter, teeth and nails! This is an ultimate how to prank your teacher trick!

Help me translate my Slime mixing Video: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=jMTQ76VdDNQ

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Disclaimer: This family friendly video is made for teenagers and adults. Tools used in the tutorials include hot glue, crafting knife and other objects, which are not suitable for people under 13 years old.


  1. Sara, Katie and Teacher are back 🙂 Today we are mixing too much WEIRD ingredients into slime! Who's slimes do you like best? Are you team Sara or team Katie? Hope you enjoy this funny slime school video 🙂 Make sure to turn the notifications on because I'm already working on lots of cool videos, that you don't want to miss! Hope you are all having a great summer <3 Love you to the moon and back!!!

  2. Hi, I love your videos, but with these slime recipies I have tried to make them with a little bit of the add-ins and the same ingreadients (same brands too) but my mom always gets mad at me because the ingreadients always fall out. And my mom does not like me making slime. And right now school is out and not for a good reason and I'm really bord and after watching these videos I would really like to make some slime. So Iwas wondering if you could make a video on how to make mess free slimes and also I know for you they are not messy because you are great at it, but for some people who are not. Do you mind making a video about how to make mess free slimes with some tips. And if you don't have time to answer this that is OK because you have other fans and family to attend to. But if you could these sad and boring days would get 1,000,000, times better. Thank you sooooo much you are such a sweet and kind person, but your videos always make my day.

  3. I love how she picks up the slime the same way every time so lumpy

  4. how did they stay at school for 4 to 5 days just for a slime compotishion

  5. The first one cate should not have won.

  6. sara wins her slimes are a lot better all of katies are weird

  7. Can you make me a kitty slime deliver at 3770shaefferavenue

  8. I think Sarah’s slimes are better

  9. Aren’t they making 2 because there the same people🧐

  10. I love all the slime ❤️🖤

  11. All my teeth are permanent and I’m still 6 years old

  12. Do you see me I hate PINK🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

  13. Its a tie cuz 8+7= 14 and 9+5=14 too so ya

  14. I don't like the yellow slime with the balloons

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