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Smoking MATCH Underwater. DIY a Simple Way / RESIN ART

I will show you how to easily make realistic match smoke.
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  1. Nicely done, this has been done by YouTube channel resinAce over a year ago.

  2. That's great…I wanna make one someday… Thanks…^.^

  3. can you make spinner in resin

  4. You are truly an artist. Well done it is so beautiful 👌😉👍

  5. Comme toujours c’est génial 👍 🤩

  6. You are an alien I am sure 👽

  7. Very Unique and great work jedrek29t. I enjoyed it.

  8. Why do people dislike videos like these? This is great work and is pretty much therapy for most of us who watch. To the people who give this a thumb-down, go watch a different channel you haters.

  9. I’m currently listening to Moby Dick. A scene with that would be freaking amazing!! Amazing as always!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Next I want to listen to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea so there’s you something to think about too 👍🏼😉

  10. Awesome!! 👍👍👍👍🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  11. @jedrek29t bro plss use some colorful dyes like red or green….but not blue😣

  12. 前面還猜得出來,後面冒煙的做法完全超出我的想像

  13. Wow! Your knowledge and creativity is extraordinary. Such an interesting process to watch and a beautiful finished piece. Thank you so much for sharing this 💜

  14. Very cool. The smoke looks so real ❤️❤️ Hope you’re staying healthy and safe ❤️❤️

  15. Hello; another great resin project video – you certainly have skill and an eye for what works in the end product; congrats.

    Just wondering why or what decision you make as to not build up the project and fill the mould from ‘above’ so that when you apply your smoke effect you can just drop in from ‘above’ the match; ensuring you have a smoke effect that raises directly above the match – or is the epoxy not viscous enough to hold this pattern vertical as it sets? (Ie it has to be done side on?)

    Keep up the great work; and loved the sea scape in the egg also – very creative 👌

  16. You should do lightning or pikachu or both

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