On Sept 18, 2015, I departed Seoul, South Korea and embarked on a South East Asia trip before making my way back home to Toronto, Canada. I was joined by my two friends, Lauren and Ashley, and together we travelled through Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Enjoy!

Excuse the shaky footage and low quality of some clips, its a mish mash of iPhone, go pro, and Canon 6D.

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  1. South east :Vietnam,Cambodia ,Thailand .

  2. Amazing footage, thank you! Enjoy our travel tips to visit Southeast Asia and choose the best time of the year to go! https://wavefindyourfriendsblog.com/2019/06/21/when-to-travel-to-southeast-asia-and-what-tips-to-keep-in-mind/

  3. Such a great content! Gives me inspiration to get there.
    I make traveling videos but on a very basic level for my own , appreciate it if you could have a look.

  4. Why Cambodia is NOT Safe For Western Tourists ? ..
    "the local news media regularly publish fake news with made-up stories  about western tourists"- Cambodia Expats Online News

  5. Awesome video!! Bravo!!👌👍

  6. Amazing! welcome to Nepal and Himalayas.

  7. Hi guys, such an amazing video.
    BTW, this hotel in Nha Trang , Viet Nam with a suprising service_Mud Bath combines with it.
    Press like so you're not gonna miss that place when you visit Nha Trang.

  8. amazing, cant wait to go there

  9. Dream to travel across Asia one day! Really enjoyed your explorations 🙂

  10. where did you drive those cute colourful cars? 🙂

  11. First of, well executed. Lked the music and the shots. We really had a nice time watching the whole vid. Very cool. 😉
    Which part of your trip was most enjoyable for you?

  12. amazing video! makes me wanna go back on my backpacking trip to SEA

  13. hi, what camera do you use?

  14. these are awesome, im heading to SE asia in may with my GF.

    Any recommendations for a first time traveler looking to make videos and v-logs?

  15. What kind of camera do you use?

  16. Nice video/ editing !!!!

  17. Hey what effect do you put on your videos to make it that color?

  18. How long was your trip?

  19. This video took me back to my backpacking trip! So beautiful 🙂

  20. omg looks like so much fun! also love the edit!!!

  21. Does anybody know where the exact places (cities,cable car, etc.) these are?? Me and my friends are planning to tour SEA on June! 😄

  22. well what I meant  is for people in general  I  understand  your above the drinking age.but  in those places I'm curious  is what's the drinking age?   although you paid cash everywhere  ,  I'm just wondering  do any of those places take travelers checks?  like sitdown restaurants a clothing store ect?although you dressed casual  the other restaurant's  that you didn't go to  do they have a dress code?do any fast food restaurant's sell beer?

  23. so what's the drinking age out in those 6 places?  do any merchant's take travelers checks?  do any fast food restaurant's take credit cards?  do any fast food restaurant's sell beer?do any sit down restaurant's have a dress code  like do men have to wear dress pants , dress shirt and a sports coat?or is it  casual  a polo and a pair of chino's?in any restaurant are shorts allowed  with tank tops for men?

  24. Fantastic video – your editing skills are on point! I see you have a Canon DSLR…what lens did you use on this video?

  25. Everything looks so beautiful and fun! Did you guys do Ha Long Bay or Siem Reap first? Planning to go in July. Any tips?

  26. oh fuuuuuuuckk I need to go. Loved this video!

  27. So beautiful! Looking forward to visiting these countries one day (:

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