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Stupid Life Hacks 🤦 (Part 2)

Stupid Life Hacks 🤦 (Part 2)
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  1. Fun fact

    You Are Not Watching This In Fullscreen

  2. Y'all need to know these are jokes

  3. Actually those ideas are so stupid 🤣👎

  4. 0:52 What if the guy farted?

  5. I’m actually suprised that they haven’t made the thumbnail yet

  6. Scoop is stuck at 1.89 million subs for a very long time

  7. Why do you have a ZORRO outro? I am confsion…

  8. I just realized that zorro and scoop are the same

  9. Why is Zorro’s voice on this channel?
    Anyone else wondering that?🤔

  10. Can anyone please explain 1:07 #7 ?

  11. #5 is a Prank from Palina Rojinski to her Follower in a german TV Show

  12. #6 helps with social distancing if you think about it

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