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  1. Could it even be more ridiculous than this?

  2. If your recruiter sent this to you like this lmao

  3. Wow this guy just changed so quickly…

  4. Nice germ trap…that way you can breath Corona in all day long. Kinda like the recycled air in your apartment building that you are forced to remain in…just on a smaller scale. Figure it out folks.

  5. Feels like he is my kindergarten teacher showing me craft

  6. How low and 3rd world has America become when the surgeon general tells you how to make a mask out of a t-shirt and 2 rubberbands?

  7. Easy my ass. The rubber bands fall off! Btw your got naloxone tshirt is a disgrace to chronic pain patients who are being stripped away from their medications. Just because addicts chose to abuse, doesnt mean we have to suffer the consequences. I wonder how the fake opioid crisis is doing in hospice, oh wait patients are screaming in agonizing pain with no opioids. Also y'all are against medical cannabis and kratom. YASSSS let the pain patients suffer along with the COVID19 pandemic

  8. America is Basically as equipped as Gaza, Palestine only difference is……..lol

  9. Face mask shall be mandatory. A dead body is a danger to public health if the victim died of an infectious disease or virus "Covid 19". A dead body realizes gases and tiny contagious viral droplets into the air (dead bodies x virus strength = time of contaminated air) and anyone exposed, may become infected. The choice is yours: 💀's x 💨 = 🙊😰 #facemask 😷.👍

  10. Trump: come here Mitch McConnell

  11. That’s the leadership of USA🇺🇸
    That’s laughable 😂

  12. Why not have 3M produce the real N95 face masks for everyone instead of making these Halloween costumes that do not provide s*.

  13. Please start making face masks for you and neighbors. Czechs also shown that fase mask work! Czech PSA Makes the Case for Face Masks https://youtu.be/2_WxtSavZR4

  14. Such a great idea! Thank you Sir.


  16. No one cared who i was before i put on the mask

  17. i dunno if this mask thing is gonna save more lives than nalaxone but dude covered his savelife bases pretty well using that tshirt

  18. REALLY???!!?? Well it’s about time junior!!! You’re just a little it late aren’t you!! Weeks ago would have saved a few thousand lives.

  19. The richest country in the world, the citizens with the highest living standards…..told to make face covers from old shirts….oh how the mighty have fallen

  20. I like this video the best because it takes less than 1 minute, some of the other videos I saw lasted as long as 18 minutes.

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