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Testing CRAZY TikTok FOOD Hacks


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We love Tikin on the Tok and figured the best way to put to use ALL the hours we waste scrolling through the app, would be to test out these Tik Tok HACKS for you guys! We already attempted to make our LIVES easier testing viral life hacks, and discovered that most of those were nonsense. In this video we’re continuing our investigation with FOOD. Not sure who gave Fiona Zaring and Joslyn Davis permission to cook with hot tools, but they didn’t burn down the studio so it all worked out!

Should we put fashion hacks to the test next?! Let us know if you guys have any we MUST try!

Check out our Life Hacks test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPcHg9Zg5QM

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  1. Did we just get really lucky Or does everything actually work? What else have you tried?

  2. LOL, I AM DYING … The hack with the ice cream work but you must buy the small containers to cut up, as for the others just WHY? Also, Jos you being older I would have thought you would have heard of some of these when you were a kid. Talk to your mom more they have a wealth of knowledge that is not being used properly.

  3. Hahahahah can I be honest! I love slurping noodles and it makes me hungry when people eat long slurpy slurp noodles.

  4. Yes, huge fan of Fiona. 10/10 would recommend giving her more on screen time, a raise, a puppy, and a spa day.

  5. You guys did the watermelon one wrong

  6. I saw the grilled cheese hack on Benny and Joon!

  7. Stupidest watermelon hack ever

  8. Rhett and Link did the popcorn flat iron thing their channel before Tik Tok was a thing. It worked for them too.

  9. Fiona is like Lil was on Clever Beauty break. love it

  10. Fiona is the Jill of this Channel

  11. Think about all the hacks, kinda predictable. I thought this was so funny 😂

  12. Y’all need to do cheat day

  13. imagining lisa's face while she was holding the flat iron is SO funny for some reason

  14. I love Fiona! She's so cute lol

  15. Use a spoon to twirl the pasta while it's on the fork.

  16. LOVE Fiona! Bring her on more!!!

  17. Fiona is a definite gem. Crazy how much a name can really suit a person. Also, your brows are looking thick Joslyn👌

  18. Joslyn, the best watermelon you'll ever eat is one with Tajin on it… 🍉🌶️

  19. I literally spat put my drink when Jos was like "would you like an egg?" I dieded. Also triggered when she didn't cut the grilled cheese in a triangle haha.
    The pasta ones were just plain stupid and the watermelon? Like it's just water, it's really not hard to cut it at all..so wasteful… 😥
    But you guys are great and so entertaining, so it's all good fun.

  20. I feel like the age group who watches tiktok don't usually own an iron. They are more likely to have a frying pan than an iron. (I have watched many fashion and DIY youtube channels where they do a haul or something and say "This would look better ironed, but I don't even own an iron")

  21. The popcorn kernel hack is for when you already pop some popcorn and you have those kernels that don’t so you can pop them yourself and have a full bowl of popped popcorn

  22. When Tik Tok is getting all the credit for common hacks (some of which are based on Pinterest)

  23. I'm a #FionaFan for sure! 🙋‍♀️⭐

  24. Is Tik Tok just a place where they recycle old stuff for views?? Honestly I don't know. I think I am too old to get it.

  25. … I'm just sitting in my bed hiding from my kids eating cookies and cream pop tarts dipped in sugar free vannilla pudding Watching you guys do food hacks … I think I just leveled up as a toddler mom 🙃 lol … Oh no I hear little feet, I'm about to get Busted!! 😂

    Update: They couldn't find me 😜 lol … They went back to video games with Dad 😁

  26. Forget Ice Cream sandwiches, you cut the perfect size for watermelon sandwiches!

  27. Fiona is a National Treasure ❤️

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