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Testing Out Viral CARAMEL Hacks from 5 MINUTE CRAFTS | Life Shots

Hey guys,
Today we are trying out viral hacks by 5 minute crafts.
All the viral life hacks we see on internet don’t work as per our expectations.
So we are going to try all those hacks and see which work and which one don’t.

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  1. Have you ever tried any of these hacks??

  2. plz do testing marshmallow hacks from 5min craft

  3. Your carmel life hacks is so good please do the ice cream sunday challenge

  4. Do 5 minutes craft planting hacks please

  5. Heyyy
    Could you please try some nail hacks 💙💙💙

  6. di aap dono me se bada kon hai

  7. Easy yaa milkmade 160degree on oven for 5 minute caramel ready

  8. Easy yaa milkmade 160degree on oven for 5 minute caramel ready

  9. Plz hacks jyada dikhaye or bole Kum

    Kon Kon agree krta h plz like

  10. Can you try viral 5 minute crafts soap hacks….Please

  11. Dii please do chubby bunny challenge with marshmallow 😊😊😊😊

  12. Master Chef ka tag zayada nahi ho gaya

  13. Didi mein video ke liye itne der se vate kar rahi hun koi bhi aise hi vate kar rahi ho to like

  14. please do helloween makeup testing pleaseeeeeee

  15. Aapka new video abhi tak nhi Aaya hai Di.. BTW love you both I am a little girl

  16. 2hack they put into closed bottel but u try open so that hack not work may be

  17. Swikriti mujhe tumse pyaar ho Gaya please jo Mai boluga karogi

  18. Please please fashion style hacks

  19. I love you swikriti l kiss you 💋💋💋💋

  20. Please please please.
    Testing out 5 minute craft
    Jewellery hacks

  21. You both are very beautiful and cute❣❣❣❤❤❤❤

  22. Please do raw Vs cook food challenge

  23. Hi , can you make video with show that how do you edit , shoot and upload your video

  24. Your videos are really interesting I love them but plz talk little less😅😅

  25. # Mishra twins aresuper talented and super beautiful

  26. Please do 30 seconds challenge
    Those who are agree

  27. Kay up dono Bengali girl ho?

  28. In a week do three tyoes of videos like
    A challenge
    A viral test
    Vlog or a DIY

    We are bored of seeing one thing continuesly like earlier it would be only challenges and now it hacks
    Pls don't do this

  29. Please try candle hacks from 5min craft

  30. Iam your big fan plzz reply 😭😭😢

  31. Please try jwellery hacks for 5 minute craft

  32. Pls try 5 minutes craft photography hacks Pls try out. Pls give me one heart

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