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Testing Questionable Quarantine Life Hacks

In this whacky video I react to a life hack video that will surely cure your boredom whilst in quarantine, if not then at least help to crack a smile whilst you self isolate.

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  1. dont froget the solliest comment will be feetured ont he next videio

  2. the phrase "minge plaster" has upset me at a cellular level. 10/10

  3. I'll have you know that perfect circle in the snow has saved me from countless sea bear attacks and it is a crucial life hack. Unsubbed 😡

  4. Love the videos! Keep it up!

  5. Can I get a kiss for being subscribed? I won't tell my gay boyfriend.

  6. I’m so pissed this m’a de me laugh sm

  7. Just pull a Pewdiepie and buzz it bro. 😂 Also, they do they have the fuckin Monsters Inc. soundtrack in the background???

  8. Fresh Soron content be like bruh 😳 👉👈

  9. i see ur videos in my sub box but i never feel like watching but im here now

  10. keep it up mate funny stuff

  11. I'm going to cut my own hair after watching this video. Any tips?

  12. absolutely fuming you dont get the views you deserve 😡

  13. Thank you so much, I never realized that gargling mayonnaise could cure my lack of dental hygiene

  14. Bro Valhalla at Blackpool is top

  15. This was very funny. Nice fade btw

  16. I suck at silly comments and I feel pressured to come up with one.
    But I can't.
    Damn it, Soron! I'm going to be sad for days knowing my usual walls of painfully positive text are inferior and will never succeed at silliness. I was still struggling to come up with something for your last video!
    Still enjoyed this upload though. Thanks for suffering through brushing your teeth with mayonnaise for our amusement, and double thanks for teaching me the term "minge plaster." Can't wait to bust that one out at work tomorrow! 🖤

  17. You're such an underrated YouTuber. I had a smile on my face throughout this whole video 🤣

  18. Ben really like to comment

  19. Love you soron you need 100 million subscribers you deserve it

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