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How To Make Vegan Parmesan Cheese

Cashew Cream Cheese


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  1. My school shut down and it sucks but otherwise I am doing good and trying to work out

  2. I’m doing pretty good. This whole corona thing is crazy. I know that everyone is probably happy about school being cancelled, but my best friend is switching schools next year. That means that this is my last school year with her. We had two big trips that were cancelled. I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible, but now I can’t. I know my reason of being upset doesn’t even compare to a lot of people, so pls don’t think i’m trying to “be like that”. I hope you’re doing well Ashley❤️ I really like your videos.

  3. I've tried the cake mix and soda b4 since my toddler has a lot of food allergies. It was way sweet and fell apart. People always recommend it though.

  4. Omg did anyone think she said 1 1/2 cups of pasta and then 45 minutes? I was like huhhh

  5. Im home and have been making videos. Checkout my channel!!

  6. I wish I could say I’m having a great day but I just got my heart broken sooo… thank for this video💚💕💕

  7. the quarantine has me anxious and lonely and bored lol

  8. Almond extract tastes like soap to me so I totally get what you mean lol

  9. i just did some amazing vegan snickerdoodles 😍 im in love

  10. where are your jeans from??

  11. I think the mac and cheese in the mug would work if you put a little more water in the cup at first, and maybe some kind of lid or a larger cup? I have a silicone pan lid I put over mugs in the microwave and it seems to help things not to overflow. Thanks for the video. I've had a sore throat but no fever. I'm over 60, so I'm trying to distance myself as much as possible.

  12. Her: My supermarket is out of it

  13. add nutritional yeast to the cashew cream cheese thing

  14. Great just homeschool 😂 lol

  15. I'm doing okay, it's been a bit rainy and cold lately, which is a bummer because it was so warm last week so I was hopeful that the warm weather would stick. I can't wait until the weather gets warm so I can go SWIMMING already! Kinda annoyed because the 24hr store cut their hours because of the coronavirus so we all have to shop at the same time instead of being able to go in at less busy hours to avoid getting sick. I have a compromised immune system so I usually shop at like 1-2am anyway, but now I can't. Oof.

  16. My whole family is sick right now, and they are not letting them get tested so we are being quarantined at home. Schools are closed for a month or possibly the rest of the year in my state. Most grocery stores are sold out of everything but some still have what we need. I hope everyone is doing okay, stay strong!

  17. Schools closed, i have the flu. although i had a panic attack because i thought it was corona💀. I have more than 30 missing assignments due friday. but other then that im splendid🐙. How are you doing??

  18. Trucking heading to Oregon to deliver some water

  19. Hi Ashely! I just went vegan two weeks ago because of you! My school is closed for over a month which is sad but now I have more time to make vegan meals at home. Love your videos so much <3

  20. Hi. How is your day? Im at home doing school

  21. My day is going good. I went on a walk with my mom and brother. Kinda bummed that tomorrow I won’t be able to do anything for St. Patrick’s day (I’m Irish btw) but I hope everyone is safe

  22. I've had a pretty bad day. So we foster kittens and they have recently gotten very sick and have been going downhill fast and very unfortunately one past away today. So we are really trying our hardest to help the last 3 before it gets them to. I'm just so sad that we got to the one that died to late. We were there with him right up until his final breaths.

  23. Hey Ashley! I’m feeling Tired! Love ur videos 💓

  24. Loved this video, Ashley! I honestly have never cooked Mac and cheese in the microwave, so glad you tried it cause haha I won’t do it ❤️🌱

  25. You can make very good cream cheese out of 1 block of Tofu with Lemon juice, Salt and black pepper. Just blend everything together

  26. Does anyone know a free app where you can see all the nutrients etc you eat in a day? Thank you so much 🙏🏼

  27. How long have you been vegan

  28. i feel like using organic sugar and almond milk or oatmilk or any milk your not allgeric to could also help make a vegan frosting

  29. Omg I got a daiyo Mac and cheese and plan on eating that during the apocalypse

  30. theres radiation microwaves so its not a good idea to keep it radiation can cause cancer if you guys dont believe microwaves radiation is harmful search if it is online

  31. For the Parmesan cheese you only blend it for a short amount of time until it’s a breadcrumb-like consistency

  32. lol my school's been closed for virus and we've been having online learning for two months already now (since February 3rd), and it'll be for at least another month (at least April 20th), and it's really annoying because my teachers aren't that good and they aren't understanding at all and give so much work, and my parents and my home environment make it really hard for me to be productive too cause I have to do housework like dishes, laundry, cleaning and more, as well as the crap ton of homework that the teachers give us. i'm just so tired and i really need a break, i find it so amusing when the majority of other people (us/canada/europe) are freaking out about their school being closed for only two weeks and many of them don't even have work to do… we almost have even more work sigh

  33. I get about four hours of sleep every night, because mourning for my friend keeps me awake. My family's vacation (aka my only escape), and just about any other thing I like to do, got canceled due to the virus. But I'm great, how are you?

  34. To anyone in the comment complaining about corona making their lives boring, that’s totally valid but please be aware some people are actually super negatively affected by this. I have friends out of jobs and unable to pay rent, I have friends who can’t finish their degrees because they were studying abroad/doing specific programs that have been cancelled. People have family that is sick. It does suck that y’all are bored but some people are struggling to function during this.

  35. My school is canceled (Oregon) and my parents and I most likely have Corona but we cant get tested because the kits aren't available yet, so I'm just chillin. Yesterday I made vegan cupcakes and tomorrow I'm going to make bread and French onion soup!

  36. Im doing alright girly. Have an excellent day.


  37. i’ve moved to online schooling due to the corona virus so i’ve been LOVING your videos and tik toks lately 🙂 thanks for keeping me entertained hehe and i definitely want to try out some tik tok hacks! sweetsimplevegan made regular tik tok food hacks vegan and they all seemed so amazing especially the smores cookies! you should definitely check it out❤️

  38. My day is good!! I am a vegetarian and want to become a vegan. Have any tips for me? Also I love your videos❤️

  39. I started watching Earthlings, and got really sad, so I came here to watch something more lighthearted. So I guess you could say my day's been alright.

  40. The family and I are doing well. Thanks for asking. I hope everyone there is doing well.

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