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Testing Viral Tiktok Life Hacks ! Food Hacks, Tricks, Experiments Success Or Disaster?!

Testing Viral Tiktok Life Hacks ! Food Hacks, Tricks, Experiments Success Or Disaster?!
I have been loving Tiktok recently! I am obsessed with the app and thought I’d try testing viral tiktok life hacks, food hacks, diy hacks, science experiments and magic tricks to see if they work! I love seeing viral tiktok life hacks and I thought it’d be fun to test them out myself to see if they worked or were an absolute disaster! I tested the watermelon trick, the pregnancy test hack, the bubble blowing trick and more! If you want to see me test more tiktok life hacks or if you’d like to see a “I tried getting famous on tiktok with viral tiktoks” lemme know in the comments!

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  1. I'm home alone, thanks for tying me Austin😉
    I think I busted a lung😂😂

  2. The *irrational fear of balloons is called Globophobia and I know that because I have it too girl! *I don’t think it’s irrational at all but that’s the “official” definition.

  3. The “pills” are made only to absorb moisture to allow the test to work

  4. Hey great hacks but you är supposed ro put a Hole in THE bortom of THE Pringles jar, tjena it works just fine 😊

  5. She sound like nichole jacklyn other then the accent

  6. The watermelon Pringle pot didn’t work because she had a hole in the bottom of the pot

  7. yaliz2020 that is my TikTok account

  8. The tablet inside is used to absorb moisture

  9. You didn’t poke a hole at the bottom of the Pringle’s can like in video

  10. Give a like if you jumped when she popped the balloon

  11. You forgot to poke a hole in the end of the Pringles can

  12. You need to poke a hole in the bottom of the pringles can first

  13. The tablet inside a clear blue pregnancy test Is a tablet to absorb moisture. IT IS NOT A PLAN B PILL PLEASE NO ONE TAKE IT!!!!!

  14. The tablet is an hcg dye. Its what colors the lines or words that says pregnant or not pregnant..

  15. in the tiktok the person had a hole at the back of the Pringles jar

  16. Haha I jumped at the balloon lol

  17. hi first time watching your youtube hope its good

  18. I’m terrified of Popping Bubbles as well , fml. But you need to show how you did the bubble hack plzzzzz !

  19. 9:16 has me DEAD 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. James and the Giant Peach 🍑! 🤣

  21. You miss an information from the pringles. It has a hole at the bottom, so that the air will come out then lock them and you'll get the slice from pringles easily

  22. The pill is bad for you and it is not health for you because my mom is a docter for old people

  23. The thing in the pregnancy test is used to soak up the urine after you pee on it
    Don’t put it in your mouth lmao

  24. Now, Clearblue has confirmed that the tablet inside its pregnancy tests is not the contraceptive bill. Instead, the pills are actually tabs designed to absorb moisture. Posting on its website, Clearblue said: “We are aware of videos circulating about Clearblue pregnancy tests and the tablet found inside

  25. Just a little psa, plan b will not terminate an existing pregnancy. If you get a plus, PLAN B WILL NOT WORK. it’s too late.

  26. Yes the pregnancy text thing the pill observes the pee so everyone who ate it ate pee

  27. The tablet is not a pill it's to absorb moisture and I think it's also a thing that makes the results. If it was a pill it would have the warnings and side effects like u said.

  28. sure its an emergency contraceptive, because its poisionous.

  29. With the watermelon hack, there was supposed to be a hole in the bottom of the pringles container.

  30. The music works the base sounds so good

  31. Clearblue has issued a statement saying that the tablet inside the tests are not the contraceptive pill and to NOT eat it. It is designed to absorb moisture.

  32. Even if that was a plan B pill by the time you thought “oh I missed my period I need to take a pregnancy test” it would be to late to take plan b

  33. Who else rewinded multiple times when she popped the balloon?

  34. Lol who else jumped when the balloon popped? 😂

  35. My Tik tok is phoebe.louise05


  37. For the bubble one you can use a old paper towel or toilet paper thing

  38. Every one in comments talking about pregnancy and me pauses the video to make bubbles

  39. Watermelon tasting like prawn cocktail 😂

  40. 14:19 she made a hole in the back of the Pringle box 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ I wish I could tell her so bad

  41. The zip ties do work I've seen a ton of people do it 😂

  42. 11:08 her reaction had be laughing so hard😂💀

  43. The tablet is not edible it’s for moisture only

  44. Online says the tablet inside the clear blue pregnancy test. Is a tablet to help absorb moisture/liquid from the pee and it should be be taken orally as it is not a Plan B tablet.

  45. I thought for changed her voice with an effect but her voice is actually deep. Wow.

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