In Grace Sharer last vlog “NEW SPY GADGET CAR to ESCAPE DESERTED ISLAND from MYSTERY NEIGHBOR PRANK CHALLENGE” you saw Grace Sharer Momma Sharer Baby Otter and Cooper Sharer were waking up after taking a nap on the STRANDED ON DESERTED BEACH for 24 HOURS. Grace has visited a PRIVATE ISLAND TOUR for her VACATION SPRING BREAK as a SURPRISE for her BIRTHDAY however things took a turn for the worst when the PINK AND GREEN MASKED PERSON STOLE THEIR GOLF CART AND LEFT THEM A TOP SECRET SPY NINJA GADGET BRAND NEW SPY MACHINE. When Momma Sharer wakes up, she realizes her BRAND NEW iPHONE 11 PRO with 3 cameras only has 2% battery left so she must make a decision quickly! Grace and Momma sharer then decide to try to activate the MINI CAR they were given from an ANONYMOUS person who left them a TOP SECRET NOTE. The mini car they are trying to drive looks very odd and has unusual GADGET SWITCHES to control the car unlike a normal car like a TESLA. Grace and Momma Sharer then discover that the TINY CAR is stuck because it has TINY TIRES and therefore Grace Sharer must push it out of the mud. Then once they get it working and on the road, they go on a normal road except all of the cars look GIANT because their car is so TINY! Luckily after their long journey, Grace and Momma Sharer finally make it back to their house but you won’t believe what happens next when Grace spots some mystery masked people at their house hiding and spying on the Sharer FAM!Today in Grace Sharer new vlog Grace and the Sharer Fam just got back home from their ABANDONED PRIVATE ISLAND PARADISE VACATION that ended much more scary that it started. During this vacation Grace and Momma Sharer and their pet dogs were being chased and followed by the MASKED MAN with the PINK AND GREEN MASK who appears to be linked to the TOP SECRET SPY NINJA MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTERS ELLEN AND KAREN. After arriving back to the OFFICIAL SHARER FAM HOUSE, Grace is challenged to a MIXING 10000 CRAYONS INTO ONE HUGE CRAYON CHALLENGE! Grace then grabs all of her huge stash of CRAYONS to melt down so she can make her WORLDS BIGGEST CRAYON. Grace picks all of her favorite colors such as RED BLUE GREEN YELLOW and PINK to mix together while the PINK AND GREEN MASKED PERSON waits to see who will win this EPIC $10,000 DOLLAR MONEY PRIZE CHALLENGE to get as many CHALLENGE POINTS as possible. After mixing all of the crayons together to make one crayon for each color of the rainbow, Grace attempts to draw with her crayons to see who can create the best artwork using the WORLDS BIGGEST CRAYON in this DIY ARTS AND CRAFTS HOMEMADE ART CHALLENGE!

▶︎ Wengie Mixing Together ALL My 10,000 Crayons Into GIANT Crayons https://youtu.be/Ffs__kaCJ24
▶︎ 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY 27 COOKING FAILS EVERYONE CAN RELATE TO https://youtu.be/R3uRqPphk28
▶︎ Troom Troom SELECT We Tested Viral TikTok Life Hacks! Do They Work? https://youtu.be/oi9J_tDNrU4
▶︎ 5-Minute Crafts 23 HOLY GRAIL SCHOOL HACKS THAT REALY WORK https://youtu.be/OCVvtm09OmI
▶︎ Matt and Rebecca Hacker Face Reveal After Escaping Trap! (24 Hour Challenge Inside Extreme Bunker Tunnel) https://youtu.be/t7DYfpLNXq8

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  2. Wait how does the mystery neighbor knows that she is particularly vlogging in the time chances are they are one of the member in the sharer family or a neighbor of the shares they can vlog in morning or evening or afternoon

  3. The pink and green person is spying on you Grace😐

  4. The pink and green mask stole the colors

  5. Pink and green mask at the Pringles

  6. Grace the pink and grenn is at the sharer FAM house

  7. The pink and green mask is behind you grace

  8. my favorite is the orange one because orange is my favorite color

  9. The pink and green mask person stole one box of the crayon

  10. The pink and green mask stole a box of crayons

  11. grace the pink and green mask is taking the box crayons

  12. The pink and green masks person stole Yalls last crayon box

  13. Everyone is saying that he stole the crayons but the screen was also very glitchy as well as him taking the crayons

  14. I want some Merch please Grace

  15. The pink and green masked person sold a box of crayons

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