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The BEST Breakfasts in Disney World in 2020!

As you’ve probably noticed, we here at DFB like to eat and we’ve had EVERY Disney breakfast item on property. We know exactly what spots you should be placing on your must-try Disney breakfast list!

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  1. Lobster Benedict at Grand Flo cafe.

  2. Your videos make me wanna go back to Disneyland Paris and now I can't go ☹

  3. With all the negativity out there, your videos make me smile so much. Thank you for your content and videos. 🙂

  4. Trattoria al Forno had one of my all-time favorite meals at our last trip! Their breakfast was KILLER, and you got to meet Ariel, Eric, Flynn, and Rapunzel. Great for families with little knights and princesses. Also, ask Flynn to show you what's in his satchel.;)

  5. When I was in high school and went to Ohana for breakfast I had my hair in braided pigtails and Lilo grabbed them and played with them it was really cute! Best character experience! Actually years ago I think it was Ohana where Chip proposed to my sister with a napkin ring lol. It was cute

  6. Does anyone else NOT love Garden Grill? We finally tried it after hearing it raved about in every video & I just don’t understand AJ’s hype.

  7. Are kids prices/ages at sit down meals work like the ticket prices? Nine and under, I think? I know even adults can order kids food at counter service.

  8. I'll have one of each.

  9. Two things that give me hope during this messy period
    1) All of DFB’s videos

    2) AJ’s little laugh after that awful “out of this world” pun

  10. I won't be sorry if buffets go away at DisneyWorld. I prefer to stay seated. These videos keep me motivated to go on my October trip.

  11. @DFBGuide have you guys been to the bayou brunch at HOB? Unlimited bread pudding (include a giant bowl of whiskey butter 🤤) alone has me wanting to go. Serena from livingbydisney on IG saved it to her highlights and I’ve rewatched it a few times since our trip got cancelled 😭

  12. Can you do video on the best Disney World Thanksgiving restaurants in all parks?

  13. I’m so glad Boma made it on the list, but my question is, why did you put video footage of it during dinner? 😆

  14. What type of microphone do you use so loud and clear?

  15. This made me sooooo hungry for Disney food!

  16. I miss MICKEY. 😫😫😫 excuse me while I go cry.

  17. Bleh, gaston’s cinnamon roll is pretty flavorless.

  18. Because you have talked about garden grill SO much I've already got it on my spreadsheet for my trip next year haha

  19. Besides Alice are there any other character meals with Wonderland characters?

  20. I’m sorry but has anyone had a great cinnamon roll from Gastons?!?! Every time I’ve had it it literally is so dry!

  21. Homecomin Fried Chicken and Doughnuts was the best breakfast I’ve ever had.

  22. Me: sees 3 plates on the Garden Grill tables. "Hey I think that's a lucky emblem". Hopefully it won't be long until this Corona thing is over, and we can go back to the parks like before

  23. I’m suspecting my mom want to bring me to Disney cause she asked me about some packages Disney offer and Magic Bands. Not sure yet but I hope so!

  24. Hey AJ I love your stuff! I do have to disagree with the early breakfast at Tucker House enabling you to rope drop FOP. I just tried this in February with my family, and it was an utter failure. We ate quickly, walking to FOP the CM wouldn’t let us cross from Africa to Pandora- they made us walk all the way around through discovery island 😳 So by the time we walked through it was still almost a 3 hour wait. We finished our meals by 8:45, not sure if it’s worth Tusker House prices to try and eat in 30 min. Would not try again.

  25. The Wave is an excellent restaurant. I would not hesitate to eat any meal of the day there!!

  26. I wish I could wake up tommorow and go to breakfast at Garden Grill instead of being stuck at home. I absolutely love that place and it is a must do. Thanks AJ, stay safe.

  27. I had the cinnamon roll at Gastons. I even asked for extra icing which I received . But they were so cheap with the icing even the extra didn’t help. Also the roll was dry and we didn’t enjoy it.

  28. The VOICE of the Magic AJ. One Constant is AJ will Never relent on Bringing Happiness its Why she is a True Ambassador to so Many. Be PROUD AJ

  29. I like the Gastons cinnamon roll I for sure taste the maple in it. We never eat breakfast in the parks and end up bringing oatmeal and eating in our room. But this last trip we had the cinnamon roll in AK and asked for extra frosting and loved it and at MK why husband had the giant piece of bacon and I had Cheshire Cat Tail after you kept talking about it and loved it. So now i'm guessing we will add those to our next trip.

  30. We would still be on our Disney vacation were it not forCovid-19 so we are living our vacation through your videos. Thank you. Keep 'em coming

  31. Missing the Bon Voyage Breakfast and Olivia's!

  32. I am so desperate to go to Disney World.

  33. Being a long time subscriber I’ve noticed that you reuse a lot of your material, how do we know if the food is still good if it’s from an old video?

  34. I wish there were more characters meals for lunch/dinner

  35. I'm meant to be in WDW right now, so to take my mind off it, I'm keeping on with my foodie research for when we rebook :')

  36. Hi, can you make another vegan food video please? Love your videos!!!

  37. "Beignet" means donut in French so that might explain why the France pavilion ones taste more like a typical donut and less like a New Orleans/American beignet!

  38. I really want to do the Trattoria al Forno breakfast because it features my two favorite princesses and the food does look super yummy. Went there for dinner on my last trip and the restaurant is amazing
    Another must do is that Homecomin' brunch!

  39. Have you tried California Grill brunch? Heard it was amazing. WE NEED YOUR ANALYSIS!!!!! Thanks for always bringing us a smile!

  40. I'd be surprised if the U.S. Disney parks reopen in 2020. Disney Springs will probably open first, though – maybe late summer/early fall. Agree that Homecomin' is worth a special trip (if you live in Orlando)!

  41. Two things about Topolino’s Terrace:

    1) Adult meals are $42 per person, not $59 (and children are $27 per child, not $35)

    2) The Butcher’s Steak is hands down the best item on that breakfast menu. It’s so good that it feels like it shouldn’t even be breakfast – like it’s almost cheating how much more value it has over the other items that are all the exact same price. It’s one of my favorite steaks on property, and there are some good steaks on property.

  42. I feel so sad for everyone who was planning on doing the DCP for the fall advantage as well as all internships 🙁 stay strong! We will all get through this together xx

  43. 😍🙂 Delicious , inspiring for the coronavirus to understand that we want it disappear!
    So, we can apreciate the sweetness and joys of life!
    Good suggestions😍🙂for celebreting the day that we will all return to live safely and joyfully, i love sweet breaks, waffles, ice cream, fruits salad.. !!!
    Disney so… i recommend!🤗❤👏
    All this in moderation and don't forget, exercise to balance and make meals at the right times and enjoying it!🤗🥨❤Heloisa

  44. Of course boozie beignets are breakfast food. And POG juice is so good I'd bathe in it and wouldn't even be mad from being sticky.

  45. Meant to be planning for our trip later in the year but the excitement has completely gone at the moment. Too much uncertainty around everything. Plus worrying about where I’ll eat or fast passes feels RIDICULOUS at a time like this 😂😂😂

  46. I looove breakfast! & I’m super excited for our reservation to Ohana .in June for my sons bday that adores Stitch!im glad it’s a good choice for breakfast 💙♥️

  47. We have plans in September, I’m not confident Disney will even be open by then.

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