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The Best of Split, Croatia | Expedia Viewfinder Travel Blog

Split is a coastal city in Southern Croatia that is famous for its tasty seafood, grand architecture, and Roman history. Join Lauren LeBrun from LeBruns on the Run as they discover the best places to explore in Split.

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  1. Why is she eating in the middle of the street?

  2. Croatia has 1,200 islands &1,100 miles of beaches .Have not been there but That's quite impressive.. .. ..lots to explore there.. ..

  3. Brief coverage.Nice place to visit,Presenter nice as well… ..

  4. nice place , beautiful waterfront city

  5. I am going to Split and watch the movie Split and have a banana split.

  6. gostei muito desta cidade. um abraço de um brasileiro.


  8. I went in croazia the last summer, I just loved it

  9. Make something about Slovenia pls

  10. How nice this is. Make you wanna go right away. But now we are in Mexico. This fall we visit the southern part of EU, so I think Split will fit in our schedule.

  11. Make one about the Netherlands

  12. Wow
    who watching this in 1 min ago

  13. Make a video about Puerto Madryn, Argentina

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