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The Double End Bag is Better for a Home Gym | Homemade DIY Boxing Equipment

The double end bag is probably one of the easiest ways to improve your skills at home. The one I use is pretty good. I like the size and it was one of the cheaper ones (affiliate link)
Ringside Double End Bag: https://amzn.to/2RdpGuw

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  1. Question for Viewers: Any home gym or home training questions? The double end bag I use in this video is this one (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/2RdpGuw

  2. Dude a double ended bag is great but cannot substitute a heavy bag. You sound really arrogant too…like " you sucked at this or that"…most ppl would suck at a dbl-end bag initially.

  3. Why no heavy bags on stands ?

  4. Macguyver patch for the karate gi. That's cool since there's no more boyscouts.

  5. TKD guys and karate guys will throw their kicks at it. Most look dorky as a lightsaber nerd. Some look cool. Wonderboy probably throw a spin kick on that and make it look like something Jackie Chan's Aussie protegè would need 50 takes to get.

  6. Double end is the best for slips 😍

  7. You can use an old tshirt and zip ties in stead of all that tape. Fold the ends of this shirt around your clips and then zip tie them tight

  8. And why "never put a heavy bag on a stand" ? I mean I don't have any other options for a heavy bag while I'm under a rent contract. Yes you can not rotate more than 120-180 degrees around it but hey, it's a home configuration.

  9. Why never put it on a stand ?

  10. Might actually get one because of this video, i have been dreaming about a heavy bag but it's kinda hard for my apartment so…

  11. Naw man, thatll kill your power and muscle tone. Heavy bag is the best.

  12. I own one and it is like you are sparring, and good for reflex

  13. Everyone needs to buy this to improve their Hand Eyed Coordination, because it seems no one caught the dildo flying around at 3:00… Fairly weird, but who am I to judge. Lmaoo.

  14. I loved it for these days, mine is not as big as yours but another advantage is that is not as noisy as the heavybag, some days I cannot go super hard on the heavybag for respect to my neighborgs.

  15. Cool stuff, love double end bags especially for technique. Though I disagree about the heavy bag and in particular the heavy bag on a stand – I myself use a 100lb one on a stand because I cant hang one in an apartment, and sure it limits my technique and footwork but its better than nothing, and has been very helpful for building the muscles in my forearms, arms and shoulders. Truly, my forearms get one heck of a workout and experienced a lot of growth from the resistance a heavy bag offers – something the double end bag cant do.

  16. I bought the one you linked i used the link but oppened the app after so i cant say if you got a percentage

  17. I ordered one even though I have a broken left arm. I will be able to at least be able to use it with my right hand. Work on balance and no excuses release of energy. Being able to jab and no need to try to get gloves on will make this easier now but like you stated anytime. Thanks for the suggestion.

  18. So I actually made one, the main problem is that I don’t have any bungee cords long enough to have the tension required to actually get into a rhythm

  19. Double end bag is for footwork and punching accuracy

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