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The Hamburg Travel Guide | Things to do, restaurants, sightseeing, and more.

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Join me in Hamburg as I explore the best things to do, restaurants, nightlife, and sightseeing. Thank you Hamburg tourism for providing me with all of the tips and advice for creating this video!


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  1. One of the best video I ever seen. Thanks so much give more information about this place. I travel many time Hamburg but still something left for explore.

  2. I don't get it. This lady covers the best part of Hamburg yet other youtubers get higher views via doing selfies. BTW, did she say not as good as New York?!!!

  3. NY Pizza Yeast + Grease Disaster … U Eat Neapolitan Pizza In Hamburg best !! QUALITY

  4. I wonder you are in Hamburg but not at the Miniatur Wunderland?

  5. so nice video !!! i have a video about hamburg !!! 🙂 in my channel

  6. This is just about food… boring

  7. Hamburg is definitely on my bucket list. I’ve heard so much about it. It’s a beautiful city and the architecture…❤️. Thanks for such an informative vlog.

  8. peru has different types of potatoes because that is where they are from, not corn

  9. You covered the food fairly well, but forgot to show us Hamburg.

  10. No, just no… The only thing you should see is Miniature Wunderland…

  11. Yeah, like NYC of all places is the effin gold standard for pizza? Suggest you go to naples, gal?

  12. Is "New York pizza" your standard? XD

  13. I’m glad u enjoyed Hamburg
    I’m leaving tomorrow with very few photographs and very few positives
    It may be a nice city to live in but as a European city it falls below par for me
    I found it grim
    It wasn’t dirty …just didn’t have personality
    Berlin is a grand city
    Munich …too…not bad at all
    Hamburg for me is not a must-see city
    I guess the war took its toll here and it grew back as it had to…such a shame

  14. The American girl is even trying to dress like a hanseatic Hamburg-girl at Isemarkt…😎 I was born and raised in Hamburg…😉, but moved to Berlin 6 years ago. I'd recommend going to Berlin and then take the ICE-train or Flixbus to Hamburg for a weekend (only a 2-3 hours ride). 3 days (port and partying on Reeperbahn) should be enough for Hamburg, whereas Berlin requires 2-3 weeks at least. It's a fine combination for foreign travellers.

  15. Too much food in your video. If I travel to Hamburg, why should I eat Mediterranean food? Where is the beautiful city center, Eppendorf, Eimsbüttel, Stadtpark, Planten un Blomen, Oevelgoenne beach, Blankenese?

  16. I might come to study in humberg in 2020 🙂 is it a cheap or expensive city

  17. Great presentation, great camera work, great info… but it was kind of hard to tell what you were saying half the time, even when you were speaking English… hope if you had a cold you get well soon

  18. The peddal flushing is a good idea in the restrooms. Only seen that in Hamburg.

  19. I am now in Hamburg for twe weeks really this city is beautifull . I love it l am having good time . Thanks for your information nice presentation .

  20. omg! I have to stop the video and leave a comment! I love the hat!! camel and the fluffy pom-pom! looks so good on you and cute!

  21. I got check this cite please talk about nice night club please

  22. Nice and useful video, without being tiring. You look elegant and smart. I have also booked on Tortue Hotel for July. 😊

  23. It always makes fun to see how foreigners see Germany.

    I would be very happy if a video comes from the Ruhrgebiet area. It is the largest metropolitan area, with 5 million inhabitants

  24. Germanys most beautiful city! Berlin is also nice but Hamburg is the place to be. Trust me, I used to live in both cities

  25. Great outfit!
    Love the lipstick.
    I love the way the food was presented.

  26. I love your presentation.
    Very, enjoyable.

  27. Nice guide to follow. Watch our Hamburg video to see our experiences :))

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