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The hidden gem of Arambol – Discovering Sweet Lake // WorldWide W4nderers Travel Blog

For one last time we visited Arambol to wander around in the flea market and to check out the nearby Sweet Lake, which is the perfect place for some daytime camping. We had a pretty fun experience there and we also awarded ourselves with some souveniers to help us remember how amazing the past 5 months was.

Még egyszer utoljára meglátogattuk Arambol városát, szétnéztünk a bolhapiacon és megnéztük a közeli Sweet Laket, ami egy tökéletes hely kempingezésre. Nagyon jól éreztük magunkat, és még pár szuvenírrel is megjutalmaztuk magunkat, ami majd segít felidézni, hogy milyen hihetetlenül jó is volt az elmúlt 5 hónap.


  1. I really enjoy your videos, i am going to be in goa for the next week maybe we can meet for lunch ( my treat)😀 hope to see you soon

  2. these are fake stuff

  3. You should come here in maharashtra we have more than 300 Hill forts with beautiful view

  4. How is that guy so skinny ?

  5. Nice video – thank you. Please make sure you eat enough – some of your team is looking very very thin.

  6. The kind of music u people put in the background is amazing 👍😘

  7. I already miss you so hard guys not even 3 days separate and i have to watch your videos to feel better✌️☮️❤️
    Ps: shanti shanti

  8. Why you are uploading small length video??? You took such a long time to upload a video and it's too short. I really enjoyed your video each and every time.I hope you will upload regular videos.

  9. best beaches are in south goa

  10. sweet lake is sweet like you guys… good luck guys enjoy..

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