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The INCREDIBLE Cliffs of Moher in IRELAND // travel vlog

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BLOG POST: The Cliffs of Moher – https://letsbe.us/cliffs-of-moher-are-they-worth-the-drive/

While we were in Ireland we road tripped from Dingle to Galway and stopped by the Cliffs of Moher to see if they lived up to the hype. (Spoiler: they do.)

Please note that we visited Ireland prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the USA and Ireland. While we hope this vlog inspires you to travel to Ireland, right now we encourage you to #stayhome and properly social distance until it’s safe to travel again.

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  1. Watching this video, I found myself with tears in my eyes. I lived in Galway for a time and the memories came flooding back, catching me off guard. The littlest things I caught glimpses of that no one else would think twice about made my heart ache. Galway was a big life lesson for me and I grew as a person. But, watching this video, I'm happy to realize that it's the good and happy times that survived in my memories. So, the tears are good tears.

    Galway is a pretty touristy town but I enjoyed it. My favorite thing to do there was walk for hours and sit on the cliffs. The birds got to know me really well and would flock around me when they saw me. (Ok, yes, I fed them!) Galway is where I discovered Supermacs chips (fries) and curry sauce! Oh, how I miss them! When I rented my flat in Galway, they gave me a handful of skeleton keys (all the same) that opened the front door. I kept one of them. I also have a skeleton key from my flat in Prague, Czech Republic. Those two keys are the only souvenirs I've kept from all of my travels. I still use them daily because these two keys are now my current keychain.

    Thank you for this video and bringing my memories back to life. I wish I was good with words to explain just how much it means to me. Especially since I'm heading into a weekend where some big life choices will be made.

  2. You're driving on the wrong side of the road. What the heck?

  3. I pass through alot of these places several times a month. Glad you found failté, go raibh maith agat.

  4. Though we spent most of our three years in Dublin, this really took me back to the few times I did hit the countryside. And maybe a little like the beach area of Malihide our home was in.
    This series is awesome guys 🙂
    Stay safe, James and Kim

  5. The cliffs are incredible. I was there a few years ago, and the steps down to the edge were so cool. Beautiful views and photos to be had.

  6. You guys are not that far away! I'm in the next country over, also enjoying spring. Were you there before the lockdown or is this more recent? I just relocated back to the UK after a few years in subtropical hell and only made it in 48 hours before several countries closed their airports to transit passengers so I was very lucky.

  7. there wouldn't be that many sheep at the cliffs of moher ,it mostly cattle country

  8. the cliffs of moher are pronounced Mo her you don't drop the o

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  10. amazing video my guy

  11. You two are definitely Americans can’t read anything but American English. Stop repeating it incorrectly just get it right.

  12. very cool video guys!! Ireland is beautiful!!! iv just been recently!!!

  13. A lot of times they do not have power to those electric fences because a lot of the animals will walk up there and get shocked when they first install it and they have a very good memory just as dogs are trained to stay in sidea invisible fence boundaries

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