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The Prince Rescues the HAMSTER PRINCESS | DIY Hamster

As Sleeping Beauty she was trapped to slumber 100 years…
Maybe the magic had become faulty after all those years. She awoke as the sun was setting, alone and utterly confused. She by herself tried to find the way out, just as she was about to swing her stiff legs over the window, but failed. Then she called for help and a Prince from afar heard her call. He overcame all difficulties…
She heard footsteps…Well eventually enough time goes by and she is rescued by a handsome Prince Hamsters and she is out finally!
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  1. Cute hamster version of Sleeping Beauty

  2. Hi조아요 눌렀어요?혹시 안누른것 아니겠죠?

  3. You are a horrible hamster owner. Do you realize how heavy that ball was (that you flung along the bridge) to a tiny hamster? Heavy! You should not have pets and I will try and report you to the anti cruelty society or humane society. If this is how you treat your pets on camera I imagine it is alot worse off camera.

  4. This video entertains me a lot after a hard working day!

  5. I'm a big fan of Chip!!! She is the best

  6. this video is so so absorbing

  7. Can't stop watching this wonderful video

  8. I subscribed this channel after I watched this new episode

  9. He did not spend too much time rescuing her

  10. I'm ready to be a fan of your channel

  11. I'm impressed by this Sleeping Beauty version!

  12. I love your music on this episode!

  13. I shared this new video to my friends several times without being bored ><

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