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This Travel Blogger Made $150-250K a Year (Ft. Jacob Fu) – Off The Pill Podcast #18

Ryan, Paco, and guest, Jacob Fu, talk about how Jacob made $150K-250K a year creating content centered around traveling through his blog, Local Adventurer. Jacob also gives insight into how he operates his business and offers some tips for people who want to pursue the travel lifestyle. After the break, the guys talk about DNA tests, death, and why Billie Eilish is popular.

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Guest: Jacob Fu – https://www.localadventurer.com

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  1. Jacob is so chill i wanna be like him lol

  2. Damn this is an interesting episode why am I late

  3. Why did I see the thumbnail and for a second think he was Jay Park?

  4. Jacob!!!!!!!!! We miss you and Esther in atl! 🙂

  5. "There are movies like that, aren't there?……." -Ryan, actor in independent film Tell Me How I Die

  6. 33:10 I always do the same thing and right before the shishi break I thought it again and then Ryan says it. Maybe there are people listening to us

  7. well since he mentioned it I will have to revisit "How to be ninja" for sentimental reasons XD

  8. Stop doing pill podcast for a while please it is annoying

  9. dude nobody watches these podcasts makes vids that take more effort

  10. if only someone can make subtitle in this

  11. Hmmmmmm hmmmmmm. Looks like pz9

  12. It’s like that one movie where everyone had a timer on there wrist of when they would die

  13. Oh man, hearing Scarface is boring because it's "old" made me die a little inside.

  14. Pewdiepie: I don't want to be on any podcasts.

    Pewdiepie Now: Wow I'm hyped to be on Cold Ones.

  15. Wth? Had no idea the Fu had expanded so much o.O

  16. This is so boring what happened to the old videos
    This is so lame 😒

  17. * home/mortgage commercial plays during shi shi break *

    Perdiepie has entered the chat

  18. I’m sorry you must bow to your king pewdiepie

    I don’t consider t series the king

  19. Ryan you're a really good YouTuber and I like to watch your vids a lot. But if you only make off the pill vids it's kinda boring, but still fun. you know what would bring up your subs? going back to vlogs and stuff but still doing off the pill here and there. I hope you read this 🙂 😃

  20. $ForeverAKing23 Cash app me send me what you can

  21. How do you not have any ads?

  22. "…if all of our dates are the same day"
    then that would be the saddest day in history don't be an idiot Ryan and also don't say those things okay

  23. Beatles got hate. Critics made fun of their hair and music.

  24. totally get what you mean on the psychic one ryan, youre not alone.

  25. I never realized how much Paco’s eyebrows raise up and down

  26. Morgz i have the most ads in a hour vid

    Ryan Hold my Ads


  27. A lazarbeam hate comment video sent me here

  28. 37:00 or having your expiration date be like next year. Would you try to prolong your life?? If I knew when I'd die and it was next year, I would go crazy

  29. You should get justin chon on there

  30. Speaking of internet icon, y’all should get Matthias on the podcast 🤷🏻‍♂️

  31. People actually still talk bad about the beatles as being overrated and such…

  32. I wish I tuned in earlier in your career! I’m a new fan!!!

  33. Here's the tea …… We need BgA ,skitzo,and pls make a misheard lyrics of BTS with other guys….

  34. Ryan I felt that there's some kids who smell like straight trash on the wrestling mat

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