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Tips for writing travel blogs (part 1)

Cameron Ewart-Smith, Getaway Magazine editor, talks at the 2011 Getaway Travel Blog Conference about tips for writing great travel blogs. For more tips on travel blogging go to http://blog.getaway.co.za/


  1. I know it should be short and sweet or punchy but how some travels blogs with 6800 words with chucks of paragraphs rank at number 1 ??you click no photo, just text , I would hit the back button. How google ranks those blogs??

  2. Love it. I liked yor video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other's channel since we both love travel )

  3. This is kinda Scruffy presentation. This Guy probably better with a pen and a piece of paper. He comes across far too anxious and huried. Why bring sex into his presention. Thumbs down !!!!

  4. Great info! I will keep in mind for my first blog post. Thank you

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