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Top 10 Dollar Tree DIYS | Best DIY Farmhouse Home Decor Ideas | Krafts by Katelyn

Hey friends,
Today I am sharing some of my favorite DIY Dollar Tree Home Decor Projects that are perfect to create this time of year! This Video is packed full of everything from kitchen DIYS, bathroom DIYS, patio DIYS, farmhouse decor and more! I hope you can find some inspiration and Happy Crafting!

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PLIERS CRAFT SET: https://amzn.to/2KnQuX5
CRAFT ORGANIZER BAG: https://amzn.to/2KphYvn
VINTAGE KEYS: https://amzn.to/2Kpm4DS
PAINT MARKERS: https://amzn.to/2Xl7ymI
E6000: https://amzn.to/2KnRyu3
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What I use to film
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  1. I watch ur videos as soon as u post them!! I have made the windmill and love it so much that im going to make more jus havent gotten a chance to yet. Cause we have moved and the virus going around. I had some extra materials and my mother n law wanted me to make her one as well lol.. But i love all ur projects everytime i watch them it makes me want to jump in my truck and go to dollar tree haha 😁😝

  2. I went to dollar tree every other week. I actually went yesterday but I had to get out for something's already. I so miss my biweekly trips to see what's new. I know I miss out going every week like I used to but I live over an hour away. We bought a 100 year old house. In love with it.

  3. I loved all of your projects but my favorites are the big flower pots for outside & the candle holders, so beautiful! As always thank you for sharing! Stay safe and healthy! GOD bless you and your family! 🙏❤

  4. I love all these projects!!! I will definitely be trying them all at some time.

  5. The easiest way I found to make a perfect heart is to fold a paper in half and right where the crease is draw only half of the heart. This way when you cut that out and open the paper you have a perfect symmetrical heart. Because I can't draw anything symmetrical or straight lines or perfect circles LOL I need stencils and everything

  6. My dollar tree carries very little of the things I see crafters using. I just found the tumbling blocks a couple of days ago I have been looking for them for over a year in my Dollar Tree they never have them. I never see the nautical rope in there. And any new items, kitchy items like the spring Decor or holiday Decor they carry very little so unless you're there when this stuff is stocked out right away it's hard to find. Needless to say I get very frustrated with my Dollar Tree I only go in there once a month if that now

  7. Well I am going through dollar tree withdrawls I was going three times a week usually my girlfriend would go to a couple and I would go to a couple more and we would tell each other what was there and share shopping so it has really been tough for the last couple months not to go!!
    The outdoor flowers although I want to figure out a way that I can not worry about them getting damaged by the rain and the Sun!!! Also your version of the windmill looks great🤗🌸🦋🌷🌼

  8. I remember all of these lol. My favorite was the windmill and the love with the jute heart.

  9. All of these are super cute. I have made a few of your crafts. I made the nautical rope heart for Valentine's day. Love the blue &white flowers. I'd love to make those. I'd go to DT maybe couple times a week. Looking for essential reasons to go LOL

  10. Always love watching your diy's! I used to go to the Dollar tree 2-3x's a week. Miss that!

  11. Omg I went to dollar tree like every other day the hunt was fun but the money I spent wasn't lol!!! I miss it so much!!! I am going today because I need some essentials!!! And I love all of these DIYs!!! I don't think I could choose a favorite one!! You are so talented and your DIYs always look so store bought!!

  12. Cute projects. I dont live very close to a dollar tree so maybe o.ce a month

  13. I went to dollar tree atleast twice a week,you had to if you didn't want to miss anything new. I have been once since all this happened an we aren't missing anything cause it seems they slowed the new stuff atleast in my area. I have made the windmill awhile back but I made the mistake of spray painting it cause I loved the color I had. It curled bad,I think I could fix but haven't tryed yet. Love all the things you do!

  14. Before the pandemic, I was going to Dollar Tree about twice a week. When we can get back in the stores, I plan to go only once a week. I have so much stuff in my stash. I haven't bought anything in a month.

  15. Loved the heart sin but everything looked great

  16. Bonjour, je te suis depuis la France depuis un long moment et je tenais a te dire que j'adore tout ce que tu fais. Tu es débordante d'imagination et de douceur. Bravo pour tout ce travail que tu fais pour tes visiteurs. Tout plein de bisoussss !

  17. i would go to DT ave twice per week. sometimes i would spend just a couple of dollars on something i needed for a craft in particular. other times i picked up a lot of things because i just KNEW someone i subscribed to would use them for a DIY (and usually I was right, lol…i don't have a good creative mind to think of too many myself, and when i think of one and see one of you do it, or do something similar to what i did do or thought of doing…it MAKES MY DAY) I really dont know which won of those were my faves. I loved the candle holders/sticks. and the basket thing at the end with flowers. oh, and the bath sign. and the others. Hard to say. TFS and please keep them coming. hope you and your family are doing well!

  18. 😇🌷 Hi Katelyn, Your DIYS turned out REALLY Cute, and I like the last one, and I L 💗 VE the rope HEART 💜, and the one that says JOY, I
    L 💗 VE as well, because I go by my middle name Joy, so I guess I'm a lil parcel to that one LOL 🤭🌷
    I don't need to go to the Dollar Tree, because I can literally shop my house LOL 🤭 BUT when I do go to the Dollar Tree, I take my time, and I spend about an hour or more, just browsing the store, getting Ideas for more DIYS, and also buying the things I went for.😊🌷
    Thank YOU for sharing your CREATIVITY with us.😊🌷

  19. Love these videos where there is a ton of DIYS! You’re talented and I always enjoy watching your videos even if they’re crafts you’ve already done. ❤️

  20. I went to the dollar tree last week to get TP dish soap, and tissues. They didn't seem to have a lot of decorations

  21. This is a great video Katelyn, full of inspiration. I was surprised that I hadn't seen some of these, I thought I had seen them all, lol. I made your Scarecrow, it came out real cute. Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed watching it. 💟

  22. Thank you for sharing!! I really enjoyed this video. It has inspired me in a crafting block! Got my creative! 😃🤩

  23. Is amazing diy and you are sweet

  24. I made all of these except for the EAT sign..definitely making that next!I love everything you make!! ❤

  25. Love your projects! They are awesome! I miss going to my Dollar Tree! I used to go once a week!

  26. I at least once a week, but the DT here in Houston are open. They have food and cleaning supplies, so they stay open. I have seen some of these already, but gell in love with them again!

  27. I always love all of ur cute little projects!! Keep up the good work!!😉

  28. All were very cute! I remember most of them! I really liked the wind mill! Stay safe n God Bless!😁😁🙏❤😘

  29. I look forward to your videos every week! Great job

  30. Such wonderful projects to revisit Katelyn. I still love the way your windmill turned out (mine…not so much, lol) and I really love the sweet little flower pots. So easy to change up for different seasons. Thanks for putting together this great compilation video. Stay healthy!

  31. Thank you for all the wonderful diy ideas! ❤️

  32. You are so talented! I’ve only been watching a short time but everything you make is adorable! Love the candlestick diy….. i May try that once I can get back to Dollar Tree. Also the basket and love sign! All of them! Thank you for sharing!

  33. These turned out very nice, Love the pair of candle holders, they'll make nice mothers day gifts
    I like all your diys, Thanks for sharing and keep safe

  34. I love the blue and the white wooden flowers. Wish my $ Tree sold those wooden flowers! TFS. Hope you & your family are doing well. Hugs from Pa. 💜💐💜

  35. Love the blue flower galvanized vases and hanging basket.

  36. I absolutely love your ideas 💡 👍🏼 so sweet and cute ❤️

  37. Love all them really beautiful. Good night Katelyn.

  38. Jealous of everyone who gets to go every week. I might be able to go once a month. My kids are not fun to shop with and they are always with me.

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