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TOP !! 6 Genius Life Hacks || DIY

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  1. what a bunch of useless, senseless drivel. genius? hardly!

  2. It's always a good idea to dig and shovel hard-pack with slippers on.

  3. El de la pala todo bien. Pero tiene que ser pala de punta 😉

  4. Mne xvatilo , kogda uvidel eto govno ns lopate. Da idi ti nx izobretatel

  5. Если былобы на донкрате пять винтиков былобы интереснее.

  6. That box or whatever that was meant to be at the start 😂🤷🏻‍♂️💩 scrapwood

  7. this guy should use his camera as a door stop and go out and get a real job

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  9. Amazing ALL you' builded! No question! Yet, in my opinion you can get more from your 4 leg orange ''spider''. And very simply. You cn transport a bigger placard using 2 pieces of wood that will ''block'' the placard. But I can not explain it without a draw… Sorry

  10. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. TOTAL WASTE OF TIME.

  11. Yes, Yes, at 2:49 "JACK IT UP" HOW INCREDIBLY STUPID!!!

  12. Look at his shin that's a shin scraper just keep the blade sharp on the shovel, good concept maybe add a thick rubber cover .

  13. Полный бизнец, криворукий до ужаса, даже досматривать не стал

  14. Ich habe Flügelmuttern genommen. Brauche kein zusätsliches Werkzeug dazu.

  15. genius hacks on how to get crushed by your car

  16. Look at the plonker with the spade wonder how he got scars down his shin eh ? 10 mins is enough time wasted on this guff………

  17. I wouldn't trust that jack. Jack isn't big enough for the weight of the car. If you have to grind your welds to make them look good, then you're a grinder not a welder.

  18. I like your skills, but, make something really useful. I wasted my time fast forwarding through this nonsense.

  19. First he invented a square. Next a shovel. Third a file. Next a jack then a floor dolly and last but not least a router……not genius …They already exist

  20. Ёбаный рукожоп.

  21. My welding teacher told me those ho can't weld must grind so true in this vid

  22. А название то какое громкое )) отстой в общем

  23. Bonjour, je retiens l' idée de l' affutage de chaine de tronçonnage avec la lime et la visseuse, ingénieux, je n' y avais pas pensé. Sur le terrain, on n' a pas forcement une affuteuse électrique ! Cependant, une remarque : attention de ne pas entamer le maillon car risque de casse (et d' accident) à cause de l' affaiblissement de ce maillon ! Expérience vécue, sans gravité heureusement !

  24. shovel thing was a lot of work so gardener didn't have to put on proper work boots on

  25. How about those steel toed Crocs

  26. Thumbnail does not match anything in this video. THIS VIDEO IS FRAUDULENT.

  27. En el último video se le quemo la mecha . Una fresa sería lo indicado y menos RPM . Igual muy buen video .

  28. Ебаный ворот, ты видео в следующий раз назови "усложни себе работу". 1. Нахуя на совковой лопате эта хуета, она не предназначена для раскопки, для этого есть штыковая лопата. 2. Цепь в мусорку выброси после такой заточки. 3. С домкратом я вообще хуею, не проще сколотить деревянную пирамидку и подставить ее по центру?. Ну и так далее… Со стаканом под фрезер так вообще пиздец.. фрезеровать дремелем, да ещё и сверлом, а не фрезой, это блять что вообще такое?

  29. who is picking the music for these videos? It's terrible. i had to turn the volume off.

  30. I hate these quick thrown together junky ideas

  31. That device has to be patented and reinvented the shovel. Great idea, makes the job easier.

  32. A fucking numbskull that's why the spade is shaped like that there's a right and left side for either foot 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

  33. How not to sharpen a chain… 🙁
    Pull the chain forward to not get cut 🙂

  34. Great idea! I subscribed and clicked the bell. I’m looking forward to what you come up with next!!
    One suggestion: Drill bits weren’t made to cut sideways. You’re burning the bit and it’s going to have a very short useful life. Recommend using a roto-zip bit. It’s made specifically for this type of work.
    Keep the ideas flowing!!

  35. Who sells the marking pens you use? And what are you spraying onto the metal you are welding? Oh, and great video!

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