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Travel Blogger Salary | Blogger Earnings (ALL THE DETAILS!)

Have you ever wondering what is a typical travel blogger salary? In this video, we’re going to talk about different ways to monetize a travel blog, as well as discuss blogger earnings! Travel Blogger Jobs aren’t typical jobs, so there’s really no such thing as a typical salary…BUT, there are ways to help you figure out the best way to monetize your blog.

You may be wondering if travel blogging is profitable or is it possible to travel and get paid. It really comes down to how you decide to monetize your business. Many people don’t monetize their blogs but provide other services, such as social media consulting or outsourced photography work. You have to get creative on how you monetize your blog, and many times, it’s doing a variety of different things.

In this video, I talk a lot about conversions, and I wanted to dive a bit deeper. If you have an audience of 20,000 unique monthly visitors on your blog a month (or even Instagram followers) and you’re able to convert 1% of those visitors into paid customers, that’s 200 customers. Now let’s say you want to sell “presets” which many Instagrammers do, and you’re able to sell them for $50.

$50 * 200 people = $10,000

If you add your one time sale of presets as an additional revenue stream, to all the other things you do, you’ll find that it all adds up!


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